• Pattaya Retox Sports Bar-Must Visit

    If you are a sports fan visiting or living in Pattaya then Pattaya Retox Sports Bar must be on your list of places to visit.That's a fantastic sports bar with a good atmosphere.
  • Bars on Beach Road Pattaya

    Pattaya Beach Road is a very busy road with lots of traffic running.Thus,there are many different kinds bars located on Beach Road.Hulutrip would introduce them to you one by one.
  • Bars in Hilton Pattaya

    There are two bars in Hilton Pattaya.One is Drift Bar,another is HORIZON RESTAURANT & BAR.They are in different styles,and you can enjoy different but wonderful moment at the popular Pattaya Bay as we...
  • The Bed Pattaya-Ice Bar

    The Bed Pattaya wouble be your choice to spend your time in Pattaya.It has so many kinds of drinks with comfortable and relax atmosphere.The bar designs shape of seats into beds with soft lighting and...
  • Pattaya Retox Bar Menu & Cost

    Pattaya Retox Sports Bar offers good food ,live sports,pool,darts and excellent service.With so many facilities,cost at a very fair price in Retox Bar
  • Pattaya Retox Bar Traffic Guide

    Pattaya Retox Sports Bar is located in Soi Lengkee which is very close to the very popular LK Metro entertainment area.Pattaya Retox Sports Bar offers different good food in 24 hours for valued custom...
  • Pattaya Retox Bar Relevant Information

    Hulutrip provides you Pattaya Retox Sports Bar relevant information about location and map.Besides,we also tell you some traffic tips about Pattaya Retox Sports Bar.It is a new sports bar oped on 11th...
  • Pattaya Shooters Bar:Soi 7

    Pattaya Shooters Bar is located in the middle of Pattaya at the Second Rd end of Soi 7,which was built in 2013.It has so many facilities like 6 large screen TVs is unique in the Pattaya bar scene.If y...
  • Pattaya Shooters Bar Anniversary Party

    Pattaya Shooters Bar will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary on Monday 30 November.Various activities will be there.That will be a crazy night!Hope you would join us!
  • Pattaya Shooters Bar Relevant Information

    Hulutrip provides you Pattaya Shooters Bar relevant information about location and traffic guide.Besides,there will be an anniversary of Pattaya Shooters Bar on 30 November.
  • Soi "6" Corner Bar Pattaya - Beer Bar

    The Soi 6 Corner Bar Pattaya is one of the most popular bars in the Soi 6 area.It is located on the corner of Soi 6 and Second Road.After refurbishing,a new Soi 6 Corner Bar becomes more attractive th...
  • Happy Hour in Shooters Bar Pattaya

    There's a Happy Hour until 9:30pm in Shooters Bar Pattaya.Besides,different theme parties are on every Wednesdays,Thursdays and Fridays.Choice the day you want.Enjoy your party time!
  • Sweethearts Bar Pattaya on Soi Buakhao

    Pattaya Sweetheart's Bar and Guesthouse is on Soi Buakhao.Here is a map of Pattaya Sweetheart's Bar to help you find it.
  • Pattaya Unique Ice Bar|Halloween Recommend 2016

    Here we will introduce an unique, Halloween recommended bar in Pattaya walking street, which is called -5 Ice Bar and Louge. The bar, seats and even glasses are entirely made out from ice! This is on ...
  • Triangle Bar & Pattaya Show

    You must see Pattaya show ,or you will miss once wonderful Pattaya nightlife experience!Pattaya show is devided into two kinds.One is cabaret show,another is adult show.
  • Pattaya Tim Bar Traffic Guide

    Situated on Pattaya's Second Road in the center of this great town,Tim Bar is one of the largest go go bars Second Road Pattaya has to offer.Hulutrip would guide you to find Tim Bar.
  • Perry Bar Pattaya Soi 6

    Perry Bar Pattaya is located on Soi 6 fast becoming the most popular Bar.There are still so many beer bars on Soi 6 and it's a great street.
  • FLB Bar Relevant Information|Pattaya Bar

    Hulutrip provides you FLB Bar relevant information about location,map and hours.Besides,we would also tell you the way to FLB Bar and pattaya show close to flb bar.What's more,you can hold parties at ...
  • Pattaya Shooters Bar near Central Festival

    Located off Soi 7,Pattaya Shooters Bar is just two minutes walk from Central Festival which was the first shopping mall of Central Pattaya.
  • Bars near Model Club Pattaya

    Model Club is only for adult in Pattaya.The Best show time is 18:30-19:30.After watching that,you can keep on your exciting nightlife in Pattaya.Here are some bars near Model Club in North Pattaya.Enj...
  • Pattaya show close to FLB Bar Pattaya

    Pattaya show close to FLB Bar Pattaya.Alcazar Show is close to FLB Bar Pattaya.Alcazar Show is a great show in Pattaya.Hulutrip provides routes from Alcazar Show to FLB Bar.Patttaya Nightlife is amazi...
  • PJ DJ Bar in Soi 7|pattaya

    PJ DJ bar,formerly known as Anna Jet bar, is at the top of Soi 7, just a few steps from Pattaya 2nd Road.Hulutrip provides a map of PJ DJbar and its location to you.
  • Soi 6 Corner Bar Pattaya|Halloween Attraction 2016

    Ranking seventh in Pattaya walking street best bars, Soi 6 Corner Bar is also the one worth visiting. As one of the Pattaya walking street recommended attractions, Soi 6 is famous as a beer bar for i...
  • Airport pick up to Sweethearts Bar Pattaya

    If you are from airport and make a reservation of Sweetheart's Bar & Guesthouse in Pattaya,please tell the owner in advance and airport pick up can be arranged.
  • Pattaya Tim Bar Location & Map

    Because of growing business,Pattaya Tim Bar decided to move to new place.Pattaya Tim Bar was earlier located at beach road and haw moves to second road.
  • Airport Club - Top 5 Go-Go Bars in Pattaya

    Airport Club is one of top 5 Go-Go Bars in Pattaya with many pretty girls wearing their appealing air hostess style uniforms.It's located so closed to Beach Road of Walking Street.If you come from Bea...
  • Bus from PATTAYA to JOMTIEN|FLB Bar

    Hulutrip povides you FLB Bar traffic tips.FLB is located on the famous Walking Street in South Pattaya.After Walking Street,Pattaya is most famous for its so-called “ladyboy shows”. Both of them are...
  • Bodega Bar in Soi Post Office

    Bodega Bar Pattaya is located in Soi Post Office.It's a relaxing cocktail and beer bar.A Good times playing Jackpot game and listening to live Rock n' Roll!
  • Retox Sports Bar,Hotel & Reataurant

    Pattaya Retox Sports Bar is a bar as well as hotel and restaurant.It has rooms but only one roomtype with prices from just 600 Baht per night.It's so convenient for people after finish watching matche...
  • Sweethearts Bar and Guesthouse Accommodation

    Pattaya Sweethearts Bar and Guesthouse is not only a bar but also a low budet hotel with restuarant.It's so convenient for customers.