• Hong Kong Honma Golf Co Ltd

    Hong Kong Honma Golf Co Ltd,Hong Kong Honma Golf offers golf equipment and accessories from famous international brand names. The staff is always willing to share professional knowledge and enjoyable ...
  • Clean Air Hong Kong Ltd

    Clean Air Hong Kong Ltd,
  • Hong Kong Optical Co Ltd

    Hong Kong Optical Co Ltd,Hong Kong Optical was established in 1954 and is committed to providing customers with its professional services.
  • Tokuyu (Hong Kong) Co Ltd

    Tokuyu (Hong Kong) Co Ltd,Established in 1991, Tokuyu sells shell jewellery, diamonds and gems as well as neat pendants, rings and earrings.
  • Victorinox Hong Kong Ltd

    Victorinox Hong Kong Ltd,As one of the largest cutlery manufacturers in Europe with more than 120 years of business, Victorinox produces and distributes multi-purpose pocket tools, such as Original S...
  • Hong Kong Fur Co Ltd

    Hong Kong Fur Co Ltd,Established in 1957, Hong Kong Fur specializes in producing high quality fur garments. Its factories produce the company’s famous brand name “Michelle Fur美雪” using advanced e...
  • SOGO Hong Kong Co Ltd

    SOGO Hong Kong Co Ltd,SOGO Hong Kong, one of the largest Japanese-style department stores in Hong Kong, commenced its operations in 1985 at Causeway Bay and SOGO Tsim Sha Tsui had its grand opening in...
  • Hong Kong Lao Shang Hai Restaurant Ltd

    Hong Kong Lao Shang Hai Restaurant Ltd,Hong Kong Lao Shang Hai Restaurant has a well established reputation for its traditional Shanghai cuisine. Authentic dishes include Shredded Pork Zhengjiang Styl...
  • Nobletime Ltd

    Nobletime Ltd,From candies and toys, to electronic gaming devices, video and audio products, as well as pre-paid phone cards, baby toys and magazines.
  • Computer Gallery Ltd

    Computer Gallery Ltd,Computer Gallery sells a vast array of computers, software and accessories from famous international brands.
  • Wilson Communications Ltd

    Wilson Communications Ltd,Wilson Communications caters for all your needs including mobile phones, accessories and mobile services. Visit its stores in different districts of Hong Kong.
  • Pete' Fashions Ltd

    Pete' Fashions Ltd,Pete' Fashions & Optical sells suits, glasses and sunglasses for men and women.

    SHANIEL FASHIONS LTD,Established in 1963, Shaniel Custom Tailors custom-makes suits, shirts, jackets, casual pants and dresses for men and women.
  • Dorfit Ltd

    Dorfit Ltd,Dorfit Ltd. specialises in pure cashmere , wool, silk, and cotton clothing and accessories. These include high quality and stylish men's and women's wear, children's wear, scarves, and shaw...
  • Double Jewellery Ltd

    Double Jewellery Ltd,Double Jewellery Ltd designs and sells unique jewellery with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. With its own workshop, Double Jewellery also offers design, overseas ordering and deli...
  • Premium Watch & Jewellery Ltd.

    Premium Watch & Jewellery Ltd.,
  • President Jewellery Co Ltd

    President Jewellery Co Ltd,Established in 1962, President Jewellery Co Ltd sells pearls and other jewellery.
  • Halewinner Ltd

    Halewinner Ltd,Founded in 1988, the Halewinner Group has grown to become one of Hong Kong’s major watch retailers, selling and marketing high-end timepieces through its two retail brands Unique Timep...
  • The Optical Shop Ltd

    The Optical Shop Ltd,
  • Me100fun Ltd.

    Me100fun Ltd.,
  • Great Rise Jewellery Ltd

    Great Rise Jewellery Ltd,Great Rise Jewellery Ltd, established in 1999, sells watches, diamond and jade jewellery.
  • Universal Models Ltd

    Universal Models Ltd,UML is the exclusive distributor for many big names in the hobby and collectables market. Currently UML boasts four retail outlets in some of Hong Kong's most popular shopping di...
  • Kam Chuen Store Ltd

    Kam Chuen Store Ltd,Established in 1970, Kam Chuen Store Ltd sells leather shoes, as well as some other styles.
  • Chiangs Optical Co Ltd

    Chiangs Optical Co Ltd,Chiangs Optical Co Ltd, established in 1986, sells eyeglasses, contact lenses and other related products.
  • Perfect Watch Co Ltd

    Perfect Watch Co Ltd,Perfect Watch Co Ltd sells watches from RADO, Emporio Armani, Montblanc and other brands.
  • New Fashion Ltd

    New Fashion Ltd,You can custom-make suits, jackets, shirts and dresses etc. at New Fashion Ltd and you can even place your order by post or via internet.
  • Indigo Living Ltd

    Indigo Living Ltd,Established in 1979 in Hong Kong, Indigo Living Limited carry different furniture and decorations. Furniture renting and interior design is also available from Indigo. From finding t...
  • Larry Jewelry Ltd

    Larry Jewelry Ltd,Larry Jewelry Ltd was founded 1967. The company is famous for its excellent jewellery designs and skillful craftsmanship. Their outlets offer high quality jewellery items and provide...