Q:Must I go at the appointed day? 
A:Hello.You need to go at the appointed day.If you are uncertain of it,you can make a order 2 or 3 days advance.
Q: What's the child policy? 
A:Hello.Child ticket only for 101 140 cm.heights children.Free for children heights are under 100 cm.
Q:Whether the ticket include music fountain, laser show, night predator show?
A:Hello,music fountain, laser show, night predator show are all included.
Q:Can I take the Night Safari tram several times?
A:Hello.Yes,it allows,thank you!
Q:Can I get off the tram halfway?
A:Hello.Getting off halfway is not allowed for safety.You may be accidently injured if you get off.
Q:If I will be attacked by lions,tigers,addwolves when observing them?
A:Hello.You will be on the tram observing them and won't be attacked,thank you!
Q:How to use the E-Ticket? I need to print?
A:Hello!After you receive the E-Ticket, you can print or download it in a mobile phone,and exchange it at the ticket office,thank you! 
Q:Whether the tourist coach included in ticket? Or to be purchased it?
A:Hello,tourist coach is included.You needn't buy another ticket,thank you!
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Q:Lights shining on animals, they will not run it? 
A:Hello! When taking pictures, you can not open the flash, the usual light or can, thank you!
Q:Are Chiang Mai Zoo including round-trip transfer? 
A:Hello,now shuttle service is canceled.Only ticket is included,thank you!