Who are HuluTrip Member?

       People who are confirmed a user member with a level by HuluTrip.com 
www.hulutrip.com (Except some resell organizations like agency) 

      Using any services in HuluTrip, means you accept all the items and conditions from HuluTrip. And your right to use services in HuluTrip are limited by the items and conditions in HuluTrip.

      HuluTrip has the right to amend this items and conditions without notice. All the other items and conditions are available and unaffected.

      HuluTrip has the right to terminate all or a part of the items and conditions. And you will lose your membership if we terminate it, so that you can not set up any claims to HuluTrip.

      In addtion to the limitations of the items and conditions from HuluTrip, we take no responsibility for any kinds of loss and dispute within the limitations of China Law.
Ps: The member level system of HuluTrip is for individual users. If we found any agencies using the HuluTrip VIP account, we have the right to terminate their memership.

HuluTrip www.hulutrip.com reserves all the right for the explanation of the above content.