How to get points in Hulutrip?
1. Sign Up
You will immediately get 50 points when you finish signing up for a Hulutrip account. Sign up now!
2. Order in Hulutrip
You will get points after your order or booking has been consumed. How many HKD your order is, how many pionts you will get (1HKD=1Point). It will transform into HKD if you pay by anoter currency.Book it now!
3. Write a Review
You will get over 100 points when your review written after consumption has passed the audit. The more detials you write, the more points you will get.
4. Activities
You can get points in Hulutrip's activities.

How to use points in Hulutrip?
Points are able to be used when you pay for an order in Hulutrip. (100Points=1HKD, Points less than 100 are not able to be used, Please get more points.)