Do you want to come with me?
Do you love the travel news&trip but feel that a career at Correspondent isn’t enough to state your desire to learn more about the tourism E-commerce? Do you find yourself reading papers outside your chosen area of research? Do you find yourself enjoy more interacting with people? Does the growth of computer science in China excite you?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, you could be the person we’re looking for to join the computer science editorial team of Hulutrip at our office in Guangzhou.

1. Actively build up author/editor/reviewer network among Chinese tourism E-commerce
2. Keep abreast of the latest development of responsible subject areas, focus on emerging or hot topics as well as interdisciplinary researches.
3. Plan, acquire and manage Editorial Projects with Chinese authors/editors directly or in cooperation with Chinese partners. Editorial Projects include journals, books, proceedings and electronic products.
4. Be responsible for the quality of the Editorial Projects, including metadata, academic content, language, layout, etc.
5. Work closely with the Supervisor and editors by subject disciplines to achieve the targets assigned by the company.
6. Help present Hulutrip’s overall Computer Science program at tours exhibits in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

1. Master degree, ideally PhD, in Computer Science or related subjects preferably acquired in a foreign country.
2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
3. First class presentation skills, fluent written and spoken English.
4. Ready to travel within China and occasionally abroad.
5. Strong organizational skills, detail orientation, and capability of handling multiple priorities.
6. High motivation with a sense of self-discipline and entrepreneurial interests.
7. Previous working experience in international STM publishing industry helpful.
8. Experience of living / working in a foreign country outside China.
9. Proven mastery of Office applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Photoshop .
10. Be taught the SEO Training Courses(the duration of 3 month )

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