HuluTrip Privacy Policy
HuluTrip Company attaches great importance to the protection of your privacy. Please read the following statement carefully. When you visit the HuluTrip website or before using the service provided by HuluTrip, you should agree with the policy for the collection, use, publication or application in other forms of the personal information of you or your client as defined in detail in the privacy policy. If you do not agree with any content of the privacy policy, please immediately stop using or visiting HuluTrip website.
In order to provide you with more accurate and more pertinent service, HuluTrip might use, in the following manner, the personal information you have submitted, but will treat such information with high diligence.
    Our aim is to make HuluTrip become the most trusted website in tourism, so it is far from enough to abide by standard personal privacy protection regulations.If you have any question or suggestion regarding our privacy protection provisions, please send an e-mail to or call 852-30501916
Data we obtain from you
When you voluntarily choose service or provide information, HuluTrip will collect your personal information (referred to as "Personal Information"), such as name, mail address, telephone No., order information, transaction record and other identity information.We might reserve the use habit information of some users (tourism-related) in order to understand and serve the users better.These data will help us develop the functions, information and services that better meet the demand of users. Meanwhile, such information will be used to display the targeted advertisement.
 We might collect specific technical information on the machine you use and such information will be used in providing better user experience and more convenient service. The technical information we collect might include: IP address, operating system version, browser version, monitor resolution, recommended websites, etc. 
In addition, we might collect your information from other legitimate sources and add those into our client information base. 
How do we use the collected user information? 
We use the information collected from all services to provide, maintain, protect and improve such services and to develop new services so as to give you better user experience and to improve our overall service quality. With your permission, we will also use such information to provide customized contents for you, such as providing you with the booking details of air tickets, hotels, and other products or services. 
Special Authorization
 You fully understand and irrevocably grant the following rights to HuluTrip and the affiliated companies thereof free of charge:
 1. Any affiliated company or cooperative company of HuluTrip permits the users of HuluTrip to log in the affiliated company or cooperative company and use the service thereof and HuluTrip users should abide by the stipulations of the platform service agreement, rules promulgated by the platform, and instruction and operations guidelines for the correct use of platform service in performing any act in the affiliated company or cooperative company.In order to realize the foregoing functions, you agree that HuluTrip synchronize your registered information, transaction/payment data and other information and data to the system of the affiliated company or cooperative company and permit such company to use such data.
 2.When you log in HuluTrip with the user account number and password of an affiliated company or cooperative company of HuluTrip, in order to realize the function of providing you with the same service, you should permit HuluTrip to synchronize your registered information, transaction/payment data and other information and data under your account number inthe afflicted company or cooperative company to HuluTrip system and to use such information and data and that you will not hold HuluTrip and the affiliated company or cooperative company thereof responsible.
 3. In order to ensure the transaction security, you permit HuluTrip and the affiliated company thereof to carry out data analysis of the user information and to use the analysis results for commercial purposes.
 4. While enjoying various services provided by HuluTrip, you authorize and permit HuluTrip to send commercial information to your e-mail, cell phone and mailing address, including but not limited to the newest product information, promotional information, etc. of HuluTrip. If you choose not to receive various information services provided by HuluTrip, you may reject such service pursuant to the corresponding settings provided by HuluTrip. 
Information we share
If a user is under any of the following circumstances, HuluTrip will disclose your personal information in accordance with your wish or the provisions of law, all problems arising from which shall be borne by you:
1. Obtaining your authorization in advance;
2. Only the disclosure of you personal information makes it possible for HuluTrip or its partners to provide the products and services you require; 
3. According to the requirements of related laws and regulations;
4. Pursuant to the requirements of related competent government department;
5.  In order to protect the lawful rights and interests of HuluTrip;
6. You agree to share data with a third party; 
7. We discover that you violate the service terms of HuluTrip Company or any regulation on the use of other products or services. 
Control of Personal Information by Users 
HuluTrip believes that a user should have the absolute right to control his/her personal information, and users may view or amend the personal information through "Amending Personal Information". All information furnished by a user at the time of registration is provided on the basis of free will and the user shall have the right to refuse to provide such information at any time. 
How do we protect the personal information of users? 
We hope that our users can use our products and services safely, so we undertake to keep your personal information confidential and for this purpose we have set a security procedure to protect your information from stealth by unauthorized visit. All personal information is encrypted and stored within a professional firewall; we use SSL encryption technology to protect the channel for transmission of the personal information you have provided to ensure that your personal information will not be stolen in the course of transmission. 
Cookies and Other Browser Technologies 
When a user visits HuluTrip, we might save the user login status and distribute one or more "cookies" (a very small text file) to the user. For example, if a user visits the information or service the provision of which is conditioned on the user login, when the user logs in, we will encrypts and store the login name and password of such user in the Cookie file on the user's computer; since it is irreversibly stored in an encrypted form, others may not identity the user name and password even if they can use the computer of such user. The user does not need to do any additional work and all collections and storages are completed by the system automatically. The Cookie file will be perpetually saved on the hardware of your computer, unless you manually delete it by using browser or operating system software. You may forbid the creation of Cookie by choosing "not to use Cookie" or "to inform me before using Cookie", in which case you cannot use some of the search and services of HuluTrip. The Cookie file might be placed on your computer by the third party of advertising partners of HuluTrip. These companies may show you the tourism products or advertising information you may be interested in according to the statistical information on your visits of related websites.Such statistical information does not include your personal information.They might evaluate the efficiency of advertisement by this means, which is generally realized by so-called Web beacon technology. They may count the data on the anonymous visits by such technology and display the tourism products or advertising information that you might be interested in according to the statistical results; likewise, such statistical information does not include your personal information. 
You may set your browser as rejecting all Cookies (including Cookies related toour service) or giving a prompt when we set a Cookie. However, it is important to note that if you stop using Cookies, you probably cannot normally use many of our services. 
Clearing Cookies 
We select creditworthy third party companies or websites as our partners to provide information and service for users and all services supplied on HuluTrip website come from third party partners. Though we only select reputable companies or websites as our partners, it is inevitable that each partner has its privacy terms different from HuluTrip, so once your click into the website of a partner, the privacy terms of HuluTrip will no longer apply. We suggest that you should read the privacy terms on the website of such partner, and learn about the regulations of such partner on the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. 
HuluTrip reserves all the right for the explanation of the above content.