HuluTrip Copyright Statement
Please read this statement and agree to it before you accpet our sevices.

User use any of services and data from HuluTrip in any ways, means agree to this statement unconditionally. Please stop using any of HuluTrip's services if you do not agree to this statement.

HuluTrip Copyright Statement Main Content
1. User has the copyright of every article, review , photo and etc which he/she created.

2. User posts others' original article, review, photo and etc from HuluTrip or other website on HuluTrip, the copyright of all of them belongs to the original author. User can not infringe his/her copyright. Every legal dispute of copyright must be undertaken by the user. HuluTrip takes no responsibility for it.

3. Every brand, desigin, article, photo, patten and etc are all protected by law of Trademarks, Copyrights and others. It is not allowed to copy them to any websites or platforms by any ways without permission from HuluTrip and other original author.

4. HuluTrip don't have obligation but has the right to audit the content released by users, and deal with infringement information according to related proof, under rules of "Tort Liability Act" and "The Regulation on the Protection of the Right to Communicate Works to the Public over Information Networks".

HuluTrip respects copyright owners. Once it is considered that content users upload damage owners' intellectual property right, legal rights and interests, owners can issue a written application to Hulutrip has the right to delete related content without prior notification and keep the original record for monitoring after verification of related materials. It is considered that users agree that HuluTrip takes the appropriate measures on the aforesaid situation before they publish content on HuluTrip. HuluTrip doesn't assume any breach of contract, infringement or other legal responsibility.

6. If published users consider deletion due to false complaints, they can issue a written anti-application to on deletion not damaging copyright. After verification, HuluTrip is to execute actions due to actual situation.

HuluTrip Copyright Statement Supplement
HuluTrip reserve all the right for the explanation and amendment of the above content.

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