Franz Kafka said:  Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

    —— And trip is the way you can see the beauty of the world.
    HuluTrip, a market focusing on global DIY tours, has a goal that provide customers the "cost-effective and high quality" trip, trying the best to make customers' trip safer, happier and more enjoyable.
    At present, HuluTrip are offering the products of trip from 20 popular countries, which containing: Hotels, Tickets, Pick-up Services, Meal Coupons, Packages, Sightseeing, Vehicle Rental, Shopping, Island Trip, and etc.

HuluTrip Stuff Team      
    HuluTrip has a stuff team consisting of many elites from internet and outbound tourism area. They are the young who love traveling and life, they are the people who are full of passion!
    There are no strict rules, no clear duties and no orders from superiors in HuluTrip. There are just many delicious foods and various offees for sharing. The people there, they belive "No pains, no gains", keeping the ability to see beauty of the world!

HuluTrip Backgound is a subsidiary web site of HuluTrip HONGKONG LIMITED, which was found on 2.23.2014. HuluTrip HONGKONG LIMITED is a register member of Hongkong Business Company Institution, its certificate number is 62813625.
    HopeTrip HONGKONG LIMITED has established SHENZHEN HuluTrip INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE CO., LTD in mainland China, which has been given permission of China tour by Guangdong Tourism.  The permission Number is: L-GD01535.