HuluTrip offers a variety of tours, tickets and services products through its website

Because our Service Agreement contain legal obligations, we encourage you to read them carefully. They form the basis on which bookings are accepted by HuluTrip.

Unless otherwise stated, purchases made through or any HuluTrip-affiliated website are subject to these Service Agreement; in all booking arrangements, the person making the booking shall be deemed to have accepted these agreements on behalf of the persons named in the booking.

No variation to these Service Agreement shall be of any effect unless made in writing by and with the authority of HuluTrip.

The proprietary and operation rights of membership service of HuluTrip belong to HuluTrip. All the service we provided is based on the relevant regulations, terms of service and action rules. When you click in HuluTrip's website that means you are agree with the agreement and all the terms of service.

Users should have: 

1) The equipments need that by oneself provide with to get to the Internet, include the personal computer, modem or other essential get to the Internet to equip.

2) By oneself bear personal get to the Internet pay of have something to do with this service of telephone expenses, network expenses.

Users should agree:

1) To provide current, detailed and accurate personal data.

2) Renew the registration data continuously, match in time, detailed and accurate request. All enters primitively the material will quote to register the material

3) The customers agree to abide by the relevant laws, regulations and the implementation measures of the Law on Guarding State Secrets of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Safety Protection of Computer Information Systems and the Protection Byelaw of Computer Software.

4) In any cases, HuluTrip reasonably believes that users’ behavior may violate the laws, regulations and the implementation measures mentioned above, so it can intermit all the service at any time without prior notice. Users should be aware of the Internet's borderless nature; special attention should be paid to comply with all relevant local laws and regulations

Amendments of terms of service

Term of Service is subjected to change at the discretion of HuluTrip. The amendments will be prompted on special pages once the service terms are altered. If you agree with the amendments on service terms, please click the button “I agree”. If not, we will disqualify your registration immediately. 

Service revision

HuluTrip reserves the right to amend or intermit service without prior notice. We are not responsible for any third party when we exercise power of amending or intermitting service.

Protect and safeguard your online privacy

This is our basic policy to respect users’ individual privacy. We will not expose, edit or disclose users’ registration information unless we get the permission from the law or based upon the utmost good faith we think that disclose the information is necessary, specifically with regard to the three scenarios:

1) To observe relative laws and regulations, or to obey legal service procedures.

2) To support the trademark ownership of HuluTrip.

3) To exert all powers for safeguarding privacy of Member and public in emergencies.

4) To tally with other relative requests.

Safety of users’ account & password.

Once you successfully sign up on HuluTrip, you will get an account and a password. You need to shoulder full responsibility not only for all the activities and events you do with your account, but also for the consequences that you don’t protect and safeguard your account and password. You are free to change your password according to the data indication or close the old account and open a new one. Users agree to inform HuluTrip immediately once they found illegal use of accounts or security holes.


Each user expressly agrees that use of the site and the services is at the users’ sole risk. No guarantee is made as to the standards, continuity, timeliness, safety and errors of service. Users need to accept and agree that the reliability of any information they get from HuluTrip depends on their own and they need to take all the risks and responsibilities. 

Limited liability

HuluTrip takes no responsibility for any direct, indirect, accidental, special and consequential injury.

No retail and commercial service

It is the user’s personal right to use the service. User is regarded as a singular object but not a company or entity commercial organization. Users’ commitment to HuluTrip is that without our permission, they cannot use our online service to sell things or do other business.  


Users’ responsibilities:

Users undertake the responsibility of release the contents. The member have to follow:

1)  Inshore deliver the hour of the technique data and must match China outwardly from China concerning the laws.

2) No illegal purpose of using the web service.

3) No interference or the confusion network information service.

4) No political comments and messages on the BBS and message board

5) Abide by all the network protocol, regulations, procedures and practices.

6) Any behavior like endanger national security, divulge state secrets, infringe upon the right of the collective, and the citizens are prohibited.

7) No using of the web to make, copy and spread the below information:

1. Inciting to resist or breaking the Constitution or laws or the implementation of administrative regulations.

2. Inciting to overthrow the government or the socialist system.

3. Inciting division of the country, harming national unification.

4. Inciting hatred or discrimination among nationalities or harming the unity of the nationalities.

5. Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors to disturb the society order.

6. Advocating feudal superstition, obscenity, gambling, violence, murder, terror, and seducing criminal.

7. Whatever openly insults or distort facts to libel other people, or conduct other hostile attack.

8. Injuring the reputation of state organs.

9. Other activities of violating the Constitution and government regulations.

10. Carries on the commercial advertizing behavior.

Users can not disseminate, publish any information that abets crime.

Users can not spread any information of the disadvantage of domestic agreements and national security.

No spreading any information which don’t conform to the local regulations, national laws and international laws. 

Getting into other computer systems without permission is illegal and should be prohibited.

If users don’t follow the agreements and terms above, HuluTrip will intermit the account.


HuluTrip reserves all the right for the explanation of the above content.