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Pattaya Floating Market Tour 2015
If you are looking for vacationing families and lovers of Thailand under an atmosphere that combines style home activities. Many gathered in one place. So you can enjoy in every square inch of space. Pattaya Floating Market would be the final answer for you.
On the way from Bangsaray to Pattaya, just before you get to the Jomtien area, you encounter the Pattaya Floating Market. It is a small, cute village built on an artificial lake, and it duplicates the real floating market you can find in Damnoen Saduak near Bangkok. But that's were the similarities end. The slogan “The largest original Thai floating market" should be taken with a grain of salt. However, this project, which cost 350 million to build, is really worth a visit. There is no entry fee (not even for foreigners), and the prices are reasonable at the more than 100 neat little shops selling handicrafts, souvenirs, brass work, textile and numerous other small trinkets from the four regions of Thailand.
The jetties for the shops, which are housed in typical traditional Thai-style buildings, are all connected with bridged, and hence very accessible for pedestrians. Bistros and cafés offer a wide range of typical regional Thai dishes.


Passenger boat : THB300 for 4pax (9am-6pm daily)
Massage service: Standard price of THB150 per hour/THB100 for 30mins
Muslim teh tarik stall
Prayer room at the teh tarik stall. Be sure to take 'wudhu' at the restroom in advance
Feed lambs: THB35 per bottle
Passenger boat: THB300 for 4pax
Skywalker Slide Adventure:Flying fox: (9am-6pm daily),Return Trip: THB100
'Thai' photograph taken:  THB390

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