Q:Hi,What is the entry fee and charges for the golf car? Also, are there any eating spots inside?
A:The entry fee is $10. Golf car charges 350 baht or 500 baht for 2 hours,and there are eating spots also.  
Q:If I do not have a valid driving license, can I rent an electric golf car? How much does it cost?
A:Driving license is needed if you want to rent a golf car,and the prices are 350 baht or 500 baht for 2 hours.  
Q:Is it easy to walk around the park?
A:The zoo is pretty big ,it provides tramp service and electric golf car for rental (you will need a valid driving license)You are also allowed to drive your personal car around the zoo.
Q:I see some visitors mentioned paying extra 350 baht to rent a golf cart.Is this the same kind of vehicles as the sightseeing bus included in your price?
A:The price includes the sightseeing bus fee,not the golf cart, renting a golf cart would charge an extra fee.
Q:Is the zoo really big? Should I rent a car?
A:It is an open zoo and I you can hire a golf car inside the zoo because it is too big.But our ticket also includes the sightseeing bus which you can take in the zoo.
Q:What is the opening hour of the zoo?How long does it take for visiting the zoo?
A:The zoo opens at 11am,and you may spend 3 or 4 hours visiting the zoo.
Q:How long it take to drive from Pattaya to Khao Kheow Zoo?
A:It's about 36km and may take 40-60 minutes. 
Q:Is there any public transport to Khao Kheow Open Zoo?
A:Its quite a long way outside Pattaya in the hills well off the main highway. You best move would be hire a car & driver.
Golf car service is provided so that visitors can travel around the zoo easily and experience the natural environment up close.
350 baht for 2 hours.Each golf cart seats up to 4 people.
500 baht for 2 hours.Each golf cart seats up to 6 people.

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