Russian Show in Pattaya Show Time!Remember the open time and show timings!Q&A are as follows.Pattaya Nightlife Sexy pole dance!let's Go!

Q:What's the show time? How long a show last for?
A:The Show starts from 18:00-23:00.One show lasts for 50mins.
Q:Is there a performance during the day?
A:No.The show starts at 6pm.No show on daytime.
Q:Is it a pick-up service included?
A:Yes.Please choose the pick-up time,leave your information and your phone number while ticket booking,and on that date wait guider at Tiffany Theater.
Q:Are all the performers Russian? 
A:Not excatly,but most of them are foreigners.
Q:This is mainly pole dance show,right?
A:Yes,mainly pole dance and other sexy shows.
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Q:Is it age restriction watching the show?
A:Yes,at least 18 years old can watch the show.
Q:How to get there?
A:We would have a pick-up service and take you there.You can wait at Tiffany Theater.
Q:Can I choose when to go there?What about the pick-up time?
A:Yes,we have different time for your chosen.
Q:How to enter?I need to exchange the ticket?
A:Yes,you should redeem the ticket first.Our guides would tell you how to exchange.
Q:Can I go and redeem the ticket myself?What's the address?
A:Note that all adult shows need our guides to take you in,so You'd better wait at the Tiffany Theater.
Q:Can I take photos when watching the show?
A:Unauthorized photos,filming and recording is strictly prohibited in the Culb. All cameras and AV recorders are prohibited. A bag search may be conducted.
Q:This price has included drink and wine or not? Or we should buy drinks at own expense?
A:Drink and Wine cost is not included in the price,you are required to pay extra money.
Q:Why the ticket is only for visitors traveling along or with several friends?
A:This is the booking of provisions ,only visitors travel along can book the ticket(no travel agencies,no tour guides).
Q:Is it Cabaret Show?
A:No.It is adult show.Cabaret Shows and adult shows are two kinds of shows.   
Q:Simon show and adult show,which one would be better?
A:Adult show is for adults only,Simon show is suitable for all ages,they are different styles of performance,you can choose one you like.