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Largest Portion of Stir-Fried Rice in the World weighs 4.19 tons

YANGZHOU, China, October 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The largest portion of stir-fried rice is a 4.19 ton portion of Yangzhou fried rice made on October 22, witnessed by Officer Mr. Chengdong in Songjia City Sports & Leisure Park.

Most popular: Yangzhou Fried Rice can be tasted everywhere in the world

A normal portion of Yangzhou Fried Rice that local people make every day now becomes well known in more than 100 countries. As far away as in America or the UK, or as close as Japan, if you want, it can be found in Chinese restaurants.

A recent survey showed that Yangzhou fried rice is the most recognized Chinese dish world wide.

The event held by World Association of Chinese Cuisine earned not only the city awareness but also attentions from tourists in the world.

The Largest Portion of Fried Rice: a new Guinness Record

The 4,192 kg of stir-fried rice was made in Yangzhou Songjia City Sports & Leisure Park which became the largest ever portion creating a new Guinness World Record. The previous record of "Largest Portion of Stir-fried Rice in the World" was set in Turkey in September 2014, weighing in at 3,170 kg.

According to the Vice General Secretary of World Association of Chinese Cuisine, Mr. Sangjian, the event was operated in market oriented mode which plans to give out the fried rice to students to taste for free, as their schools participated in this activity. "We believe that the mouth-to-mouth communication by these students can arouse people's interests to come to Yangzhou and taste the original flavor by themselves."

Yangzhou is the birthplace of Chinese Huaiyang Cuisine. The fried rice is the essence of Huaiyang cuisine and even of Yangzhou tourism. The thousand-year heritage of Yangzhou fried rice has become internationally popular; the challenge to make a largest portion to set a new Guinness World Record just gave more foreign tourists the chance to know Yangzhou to learn about Yangzhou fried rice. This event successfully enhanced the reputation of Yangzhou cuisine while improving the international awareness and influence of Yangzhou as a travel destination.

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