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Enjoy your Christmas in Hong Kong!What about have some Dim Sum as Christmas brunch or dinner in Hong Kong? Christmas is such a wonderful time to visit Hong Kong. As if Victoria Harbour wasn't striking enough on a normal day, during holiday time it really comes to life with the glittering lights that decorate every corner of the territory.
Shopping centres, hotels, theme parks, streets, plazas, buildings along the harbour, will all be oozing in lights, plush and extravagant displays and holiday cheer.
The Christmas decorations start making their way just as the Halloween goblins and pumpkins are being taken down.

A Dim Sum brunch is a must while in Hong Kong. Not only is the territory considered the "home" of Dim Sum, this is without a doubt one of the best places to sample the flavours, fresh ingredients and that unmistakeable bustling atmosphere...
Dim Sum (well, actually food in general) is serious business here in Hong Kong and the range of offerings is staggering, from little hole in the wall kind of places to five-star hotel restaurants, even Michelin rated establishments.
What they all have in common, they will all be lively and crowded with people, hectic servers scurrying around with trolleys and trays overflowing with piping hot bamboo baskets filled with delicious bites...
So finding a place will not be a problem, but choosing what to eat might be! There are so many different kinds and you will want to try one of everything! Luckily, the dishes are small, with most of them containing 3 to 4 small bites. It does help to assemble a small group of people, that way you can order many different kinds.

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