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Seoul, South Korea, Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- #AWARDS - In celebration of its 10th anniversary, VIP ASIA AWARDS 2015 (Very Important Product, Place, People, and Promotion ASIA AWARDS 2015) was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel Grand Ballroom on Nov. 25, selecting 100 products that have contributed in uplifting the value of Asia.


Kidai Kim, the publisher of AVING News, started the award ceremony with an opening speech, mentioning that this year, AVING News has proven itself as a true Global News Network by inviting its media partners from China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. He ended his message with a saying, "Everybody should try to have a good time all the time."

The welcoming message was given by Wang Bin, the editor-in-chief of China's YESKY, and congratulatory messages were given by Wang Haijun, the Korean branch chief of China's Xinhua Net and Si-chung Noh, the CEO of Feelux.

At the stage, Noh said, "For me, not a day goes by without reading news articles from AVING News. That's how powerful I think AVING News is. With the know-how it has acquired through many years of global news reporting, I hope the influence AVING News brings to people grows bigger in the future."

Director Choi Il-hwa from Korea Stage Actor Association and Rocky Hong, a famous comedian of SM Entertainment who is currently the promotion model for German fashion brands Marccain and Falke, also appeared on stage to congratulate the award ceremony of AVING News.

The brands and products that have been selected for the award are from the following market-leading categories: mobile, computer and technology, appliances, life, industry, people, trade show

As it is its 10th year to hold VIP ASIA AWARDS, AVING News showcased its video documentary containing the mega trends and the strategies and know-hows of entering the global market, which AVING News has learned from ten years of news reporting at CES, MWC, and IFA, the three major electronic trade shows in the world. Also, a special conference on how companies can survive, make progress, and find new business opportunities was held, along with live performances, networking party, and a showcase of awarded products to give a thrilling experience at the award ceremony.

Also, as a global media, journalists from China's leading IT media YESKY, Vietnam Plus, Indonesia's Female Daily and Mommies Daily, and India's number one startup media Your Story came to the ceremony to write stories on the event and the companies. After the ceremony, they attended "After Press Media Day" at the major Asian media around the world to interview the companies. This will be a great opportunity for the companies to gain exposure in the Asian region, boasting two billion people in population.

For the past years, VIP ASIA AWARDS has been recognized as the award proven to help the companies enter the global market, giving instant fame as a global company to the companies that need a special push.

VIP ASIA AWARDS has selected the Asia-born products like silk, ceramics, and paper or the ones that possess the Asian value that can lead the world history, culture, and the economy. AVING News is here to help deliver that purpose to the generations to come.

  • Affiliated Foreign Media of AVING News
  • Xinhua Net - A Chinese media which specializes in delivering Korean news to Chinese audience, and Chinese news to Korean audience
  • Yesky - China's major IT media
  • Vietnam Plus - Vietnam's no.1 comprehensive news portal
  • Female Daily - Indonesia's no.1 online beauty portal
  • Mommies Daily - Indonesia's no.1 online baby care portal
  • Your Story - India's major media that covers startups
  • 100 Awardees at VIP ASIA Awards 2015
    • CEO of ASIA, Sharon Lee, RF Co.
    • CEO of ASIA, Young Hoo Kim, Social Contribution Company Human in Love
    • Yolk - Solar Paper, a solar smartphone charger
    • Emart - Emart Town, a shopping complex
    • Apple - iPhone 6S
    • Nissan - Maxima, a sedan
    • SSangyong - Tivoli, a compact car
    • Tesla - Model X, an electric car
    • Xiaomi - Ninebot Mini
    • Feelux - Jumpline, LED lighting equipment
    • KR Solar - Kromatix, a solar color module
    • RF Co. - WindowMate, a window cleaning robot
    • NFM PROMOTION - New Face Model Fashion Show
    • Chuka Club - Wedding planning
    • FALKE & MARCCAIN - David Lee, division head of Korea
    • Kim Chung Kyung Hair Face - Cosmetic line LIZ K
    • Gyeonggi Province - Korea International Boat Show(KIBS)
    • Expo & U - LED & OLED Expo
    • Seoul Business Agency & Megashow Organizer - Setec Megashow
    • Fomex - Flexible LED lighting equipment FL600
    • Korean Makgeolli Association - Jarasum Makgeolli Festival
    • JWorld Enterprise - Alzip Mat Silion Dual Color Folder
    • IS Biotech - Bio cosmetic Biellee
    • PhotoClam International - Carbon tripod Meister PTC 1650M, 1651M, 2640M, 2641M
    • Sherpa CNC - heat recovery air ventilation system Aircle R250DX
    • Dong Yang Easy Tech - Steamboy S-5400
    • Crafthouse - Crafthouse tools for handmade items
    • GT Telecom - Bluetooth headset GBH-S700
    • LadyM - LadyM Cake
    • Smartbox - package storage box Smartbox
    • iCubis - Muddly Monsters
    • Smartcara - food waste processor CS-10
    • Epson Korea - Smart glass Moverio BT-200
    • Funbiz - maternity and baby care products
    • Daliworks - IoT cloud platform Thing+
    • English Egg - English teaching book English Egg
    • HB Trading International - Bebepram Wagon
    • Popcorn PC - Popcorn PC Prime
    • Jeonnam Tourism - Yeosu Gyeongdo Golf & Resort
    • AAUXX - iRing & iRing Dock
    • Melephant - Short Video Cast SeeSo
    • Knowck - Smart signage set top box Cloudcast
    • IDrone - IDrone
    • Silver King - Silver(senior) business consulting
    • Aten Korea - HDMI solution VM5808H
    • Sejoong IS - S-MAS, Safety Monitoring Analytics System
    • EnS Tech - BodyBling, a sonic wave body exercising machine
    • GN International - LED light cup rainbow lamp
    • Bebeprimo - table and chair set Siesta
    • MOTHER-K - breastfeeding lineup
    • Easy Wine - Vecchia Torres Salice Salentino Rosso
    • Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency - DIP's projects
    • Daewon Optical - Cam.ON & Smartography, camera system for smartphones
    • Well Moa - Well Moa healthcare goods
    • Daichi - car seat First7 Touch-FIX
    • Nature Love Mere - Eco Diaper
    • Emons Furniture - Premium gallery bedroom set
    • iSKY Networks - Bluetooth headphone Plantronics Backbeat Sense
    • Clarus Korea - Lighting control system
    • Plustech - ChildCare, a content filtering service for mobile Mobile
    • Ryu - Fashion shoes
    • Golfmon - Golf business in Korea
    • U-han Presen - Laser pointer Presen Marker
    • Big Bear Golf - Golf tour
    • Nanorex - Dual sided screen display
    • Amazing Grace - Amazing Humidifier V4
    • Puraffine - Hair & makeup art
    • Love in Hate - Fashion shoes
    • Dell - Ultrabook XPS 13
    • Koma Tech - Freedy dual wireless smartphone charging pad
    • Huawei - Mate S
    • Acer - Mini PC Revo Build'
    • Nikon - DX format DSLR camera 'D5500'
    • Polaroid - Actioncam Cube+
    • Miele - Black board edition, a stylish refrigerator and freezer lineup'
    • LG Electronics - LG Watch Urbane Luxe
    • Panasonic - Lumix DMC-FZ300
    • Sony - Noise cancelling Walkman NW-ZX100HN
    • Samsung Electronics - Galaxy S6 Edge+
    • Sony - Xperia Z5
    • LG U+ - Home IoT service
    • SLG Design - D6 IMBL Strap and D6 IMBL Flat Station
    • Incasa - eco-friendly wood furniture
    • Castpro - Power battery CAST 10000Q and smart mirroring beam CAST 2200R
    • Synology - NAS server disk station DS716+
    • Ultimate Ear - Portable Bluetooth speaker UE BOOM 2
    • Canon - Mirrorless camera EOS M10
    • Bench Soft - iPhone case Xl.i.CON
    • Baedoga - Buja Makgeolli
    • Chang's Custom - Food truck
    • Lukas - Premium dash cam 'LK-9170 WD', 'LK-9370 WD'
    • Hyoseok Culture Promotion Agency - Hyoseok Culture Festival
    • InstaWash - On-call car wash service
    • Jworks EXT - Eye Candy Rainbow Volume S Brush
    • Hyundai Heavy Industries - Smart eco-friendly ship related equipment
    • PNE Solution - ESS, electricity supply equipment, and charger and discharger for electric cars
    • LYCL - Beauty SNS app Sister's Pouch
    • Apple - Apple Watch
    • Fitbit - Fitbit Surge
    • DJI - Osmo


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