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Q: What is Khorog country code?
A: Khorog +992-35220

Q: What are the Khorog city codes?
A: Khorog +992-35220

Q: How to dial Khorog from Hong Kong?
A: phone call +992-35220

Q: What is time zone of Khorog?
A: UTC/GMT +5 hours

Q: What the difference between Khorog and Hong Kong
A: Dushanbe,Khorog

Q: What is the travel inforamtion of Khorog?
A: LAT/LONG:38°51'29"N / 71°15'43"E
LANGUAGES:Tajik (official), Russian widely used in government and business
ELECTRICITY:i-elec-type-c.pngType C European 2-pini-elec-type-i.pngType I Australian plug

Q: What is the statistic of Khorog?
A: CAPITAL:Dushanbe

##Other Info

Country Name:Khorog
Country Map:38.85820007324219, 71.26214981079102
Country Website:Khorog
Khorog Introduction: