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- "Re:Made in Taiwan"

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- YFY (Yuen Foong Yu) Group is proud to present the "nPulp Nest", an eco-friendly architectural prototype debuting on May 25th at the Taiwan Exhibition of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

YFY Group presented the “nPulp Nest” at the Taiwan Exhibition of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice
YFY Group presented the “nPulp Nest” at the Taiwan Exhibition of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice

Constructed using YFY Group's revolutionary straw-based nPulp technology, nPulp Nest is the biggest highlight of this year's Taiwan Exhibition, showcasing "green innovation" in practical architectural applications and sustainable development. nPulp building materials are independently developed in Taiwan by YFY Group, utilizing rice and wheat straw that would have typically been burned in the field in Mainland China and Taiwan. Every brick and board used in nPulp Nest first started with YFY's unique nPulp pulping process, before being formed and molded with YFY's own non-toxic binders.

The 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice will feature elite architects and designers from around the world. The Taiwan Exhibition, on display at the Palazzo delle Prigioni near Piazza San Marco, will be on display until late November. The exhibition is co-curated by Professors David Tseng, Eric Chuang, Wei Tseng, and Sheng-Kai Tseng from National Chiao Tung University's Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop (TDIS).

This year's Taiwan Exhibition "Everyday Architecture Re:Made in Taiwan" not only represents the current landscape of Taiwan's everyday architecture, but also aims to introduce Taiwan's industrial innovations through the "Re:Made in Taiwan" concept, which illustrates the inventive and innovative responses to global challenges of sustainable development.

As a leading sponsor of this year's Taiwan Exhibition, YFY Group CEO Felix Ho noted that the word "Re:Made" is a step beyond "recycle" and "reuse": "In coming up with the theme 'Re:Made', Professor David Tseng and his team at TDIS are advocating repurposing by adding value through technology and innovation. This echoes YFY's thinking in development of the nPulp technology."

A papermaker for nearly 70 years, YFY devoted well over a decade of research to develop nPulp. Drawing inspiration from Cai Lun's invention of paper almost 2,000 years ago, nPulp technology makes pulp by using waste straw from rice and wheat harvests without the addition of harsh chemicals. "Central to YFY's sustainability thinking is the Chinese proverb 'everything is created for a purpose'," said Mr. Ho at the Exhibition's opening. "Prior to the Industrial Revolution, we did not mass-produce waste. The concept of 'waste' is the root of modern day environmental issues."

Since launching in 2013, nPulp has received numerous certifications by leading international testing agencies and sustainability organizations from Europe, the US and China, including recyclability, compost, non-toxic, and full lifecycle analysis. In 2014, nPulp was further honored with an Edison Silver Award in the Sustainable Systems category. With nPulp boards and bricks in the "nPulp Nest" exhibit, this marks the first time nPulp technology has crossed into the architectural sphere.

About nPulp

nPulp is a proprietary pulp making process developed by YFY. While most of the pulp produced today uses woods and harsh chemicals, nPulp is produced with wheat or rice straw which is an agricultural by-product. Recycling 1 ton of straw can reduce 0.9 tons of CO2 emissions. It can also produce 0.5 tons of pulp and 0.3 tons of fertilizer feedstock. This is a revolution in sustainability for the paper industry having ultra-renewable, compostable, recyclable benefits. YFY has extended the use of nPulp from paper, packaging, tableware, building material and developing applications.

About YFY

Since 1924, Yuen Foong Yu (YFY) has been one of the leading business groups in Greater China. Determined to build innovation from its core papermaking business, it has transformed into a business group with a highly diversified portfolio. Today, its portfolio encompasses the world's leading maker of electronic paper, the world's largest maker of RFID inlays, a leading specialty paper supplier in Asia, a leading packaging provider in Greater China, one of the top financial services company in Taiwan, and Taiwan's leading consumer products company. The company is also the leader in biotech investment in Taiwan.

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