Will or Not Buy iPhone7 on Sep 16th?

Will you buy iPhone7 or not? What info can we get from Apple Conference Invitation? Could I get more details about iPhone7 before release date? Should I wait iPhone7 Plus or iPhone8? What's characteristic of Watch 2? What about forecast of Watch OS 3? All info you can find in "Will or Not Buy iPhone7 from Inference of Apple Conference Invitation".
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What is the big news about iPhone7? The upgraded handset will also include a re-engineered home button that responds to pressure with a vibrating sensation rather than a true physical click and the removal of the headphone jack. The new Watch will likely integrate GPS-based location tracking.

Dual-Camera Set-Up of iPhone7?

iPhone7 isn't functioned with dual-camera set-up which would also go a long way towards helping the smartphone's camera achieve bokeh, something that is typically tricky to achieve on a mobile device. But iPhone7 Plus is equipped with dual-camera set-up. 

New Way to Handle Home Key?

Since finger print recognition is functioned with iPhone5. No new change any more. Some rumors reported that Home Key may be gathered on the screen. Touch sensing helps users swipe from left to right or up & down.

No Earphone for iPhone7?

3.5mm earphone has disappeared. Lightning hole or bluetooth is to be connected with earphone. Which way would you prefer? Is it one of reason that you will or not buy iPhone7? Share with us in Review Section below.

Support of Fast-charging

Some rumors reported that disappearance of 3.5mm-diameter earphone makes sense to have the body lighter and thinner. Lighter and thinner body makes capacity of battery less and less. 
Obviously, we cannot take advantage of new iPhone7 in functions. Moreover, 10th anniversary is to be met next year. Big news of revolution must hit apple fans.