According to the new ordinance “Regulations on the Administration of Real - Name System for Waterway Passenger Transport (Ministry of Communications, Order No. 77, 2016” to be released by the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China (, please be informed that all traveler will be required to input the passenger full name and travel document during reservation if travel on TurboJET service routes in PRD region with effective from 10 January 2017 and onwards.

For infant who aged below 1 and do not occupy individual seat, please note that parent and baby have to approach TurboJET ticketing counter together to issue an infant ticket at zero price on the affected service routes from 10 January 2017, no infant ticket can be issued via both online booking system and ticketing machine.

Please note that all passengers in the same transaction must approach TurboJET ticketing counter personally including the infant for ticket redemption, travel document of each passenger will be required to present to TurboJET ticketing staff for verification. Once the ticketing machine is updated to issue ferry ticket, the verification of identity will be handled upon check-in.

Affected service route:
Tuen Mun <> Shenzhen Airport
Tuen Mun <> Zhuhai
Hong Kong <> Shenzhen Airport
Macau <> Shenzhen Airport
Macau <> Guangzhou Nansha
Macau <> Shekou
Hong Kong International Airport <> Guangzhou Nansha
Hong Kong International Airport <> Shenzhen Airport
Shekou -> Hong Kong International Airport

Please kindly note that passenger who cannot present the ferry ticket with his/ her full name same as the travel document (e.g. HKID, Passport, Home Visit Permit) will be rejected to onboard on the above mentioned service routes from 10 January 2017. Attached please find the user manual for issuance of ferry ticket via TurboJET online booking system for your information.