Peak Tram VS Bubble Tram
First operated on May 30, 1888, Peak Tram is a must try for you to view the splendid scene of Hong Kong and attain unforgettable experience. It runs on the tracks following the slope of the mountain, taking even minutes to travel from an elevation of 92 feet (28 meters) to 1300 feet (396 meters).

Peak Tram provides distant view of Hong Kong, if you want to have good view of Victoria Harbour at night, >> CLICK HERE
Peak Tram Hong Kong,Peak Tower Hong Kong VS Canton Tower Guangzhou
Encircling at the peak of Canton Tower Guangzhou at 455 meters high and is the world's highest horizontal ferris wheel. Consisting of 16 crystal sightseeing spherical cabins rotating smoothly along the track. It will be comfortable sitting in Bubble Tram than crowded Peak Tram, but enjoy panoramic city view of Guangzhou.
Peak Tower Hong Kong VS Canton Tower Guangzhou,Canton Tower Bubble Tram,Canton Tower Ferris Wheels
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