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TAINAN, Taiwan, Aug. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --To facilitate Tainan manufacturers' expansion into the global market and promote economic cooperation, the Tainan City Government Department of Economic Development has initiated the "FY106 Tainan Global Trade Cooperation and Expansion Program," entrusting implementation of the plan to the Industrial Technology Research Institute. In accordance, the Institute has formed the "Tainan City Global Trade Cooperation and Expansion Group" (hereafter referred to as "Trade Expansion Group"), organizing and integrating Tainan City manufacturers of high-quality foods and biotechnology products. The Group's aims are threefold: to take part in the 2017 MIFB Food and Beverage Trade Fair in Kuala Lumpur, to seek new business opportunities, and to interface with potential buyers. We look forward to creating mutually beneficial business opportunities with relevant Malaysian industries, building a new type of cooperative business model, and working together to expand into the global market.

Select Taiwan food-and-beverage products to be exhibited at MIFB 2017
Select Taiwan food-and-beverage products to be exhibited at MIFB 2017

The Tainan City Government Bureau of Economic Development will lead a delegation of nine manufacturers of Tainan's highest quality food products to the 2017 Malaysian Food & Beverage Trade Fair (MIFB), which is to be held at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur from August 9-11, 2017. The trip's purpose is threefold: to take part in the exhibition, to seek new business opportunities, and to make contact with potential buyers. Taiwanese food manufacturers will exhibit their prizewinning products -- Halal, 1S022000, HACCP and TQF certified; healthy, hygienic, and tasty -- at Dewan Merdeka Booths A047 and A062-64. Companies taking part in the exhibition include Taiwan Golden Buckwheat Co., Ltd.; Chia Pao-can Biomedical Co., Ltd; Tai Jun Biotech Co., Ltd.; Forever Sweety Sugar Trade Co.; Ke-Li Biotech Co., Ltd.; and COMAT, a total of nine enterprises.

Commentators and products will be present at the booths. Exhibit visuals are light and lively, highlighting the delicious tastes and flavors of Tainan: buckwheat, sesame, burdock (gobo) foods and beverages, health foods and drinks, lozenges, candied fruit, apple cider vinegar, enzymes, sugar products, organic fruit juices, tomato sauce, and other consumer favorites. We welcome everyone to visit the booths to make purchases or to seek further product information.

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