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TAIPEI, Taiwan, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Delta Electronics, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions, has announced its theme of "Digitalization and Flexibility for Smart, Green Manufacturing" for the Taipei Int'l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017. Delta will feature its brand new High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line with a customer-centric, IIoT-based, fully-automated demo which integrates Delta's manufacturing execution system (MES), equipment management system, IIoT technology, industrial robots, and automation control solutions. At the exhibition, the demo will perform on-site smart manufacturing by taking customer orders, flexibly producing customized products, and presenting production process and equipment operation data in real-time.

The key software and automation products highlighted in the High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line feature:

  • The MES system, linked to a cloud platform, is a perfect interface for customers to place orders (select gift and give customized content) through a laptop PC, pad or other mobile device. The MES also performs order adjustment and production rescheduling for urgent orders, and provides immediate confirmation and notification upon production completion via SMS -- including a weblink for customers to monitor production scheduling and progress in real-time and QR code for finished product pick-up.
  • The Production Management & Visualization Platform (DIAMMP) is ideal for overall management and visualization of production line information and equipment operation data. The DIAMMP enhances productivity and management efficiency with major functions for production visualization, such as first pass yield (FPY), equipment use and operational efficiency, preventive maintenance, and timely warning.
  • The new Handheld Barcode Scanner DAH Series features highly sensitive and fast capture capability barcode reading algorithms, and can easily and stably capture 1-D and 2-D barcodes within a range of 5-20cm. The DAH Series is lightweight (300g) and adopts an ergonomic design to provide a comfortable gripping experience for personnel engaging in long-term operation.
  • The three Robot workstation integrates one Delta SCARA Robot and two Articulated Robots, along with peripheral automation control and drive systems, machine vision system, sensors, and a handheld barcode scanner, to build the High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line and execute customized production processes.

Media Contact:

Delta Spokesperson & Assistant Vice President
Jesse Chou
Tel: 886-2-8797-2088 Ext: 5562

Corporate Communications
Thomas Chang, Senior Manager
Tel: 886-2-8797-2088  Ext: 5511   
Mobile: +886-955-217-311

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