Ocean Park Halloween 2015 Hong Kong
2015 is 15th Halloween Fest of Ocean Park in Hong Kong.Ocean Park 15th Halloween have prepared various shows and activities for customers.
2/10 - 1/11(Selected Dates): Halloween Fest officially begins (All haunted attractions and shows are opened to public.)
Scary Attraction
Ocean Park 2015 Halloween Fest prepare 6 horrible attractions that H15,The Walking Dead:Survival,15 Years of Horror,Puppet Master's Deadly Workshop,Mutant Escape and Bloodborne Mansion.
Opens at 11:00am
The agonies of dying pass before you in 10 intense minutes alone! Experience your own funeral, burn in the flames and see what punishments await you at the end of the tunnel. Blood boils, fires rage and demons lurk to feast upon your soul for eternity. Will you ever return from the other side of hell?
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