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Q:Hello, I would like to ask how much for elephant ride?
A:Hello! Elephant ride costs about 800-1500 baht.You can see a retail price for specific,thank you!

Q:Whether I need to rent a vehicle inside?
A:Hello,you needn't rent a vehicle.You can choose an elephant ride,horse ride,canoe ride and the like, but have to pay extra fees,thank you.

Q:Hello,have the ticket included an elephant ride in it?
A:Hello,this price contains ticket cost only, elephant ride needs to make a extra pay,thank you.

Q:Is there a hotel shuttle service?
A:Hello! No offers pick-up service,thank you!
Q:Will there be a vehicle rental?
A:Hello,there are elephant ride, horse ride,canoe ride can be rented, thank you!

Q:What's the open time of Sanctuary Of Truth?
A:Hello.The opening time is 8am-6pm daily,thankyou!

Q:Children do need to buy a ticket?
A:Hello,children height 100cm below are free of charge,thank you!

Q:Tourist Guided with it?
A:Hello,8: 30-17: 00 every half hour have a guided tours(for reference,to be subject to on-site),thank you.
Q:If I cannot go at the appointed day,can I return the ticket? 
A:Hello.Tickets can not return.You need to go at the appointed day.If you are uncertain of it,you can make a order 2 or 3 days advance.

Q:Here are for sightseeing or for the activity of burning incense and praying ?
A:Hello,for sightseeing,thank you.

Q:Is there a requirement for the dress? Required to wear long pants or dress ?
A:Hello,this is no requirement for the dress,thank you.

Q:Can child no more than 120cm height buy a child ticket?
A:Hello,100cm less is free of charge,100-140cm need to buy a child ticket, 140cm above need to buy a adult ticket.
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“Entire building is made from carved wood.” September 16th,2015
This was next to the hotel. Beautiful Place, made entirely fro wood. There are some fantastic carvings. You can also ride on an elephant if you so desire. worth a visit.
“exilarating” September 15th,2015
Don't miss go for the package deal.its amazing get bart bus to it from beach road its only 300 bart. we had elephant ride,massage,round temple +30 min boat ride only 700 bart not to be missed u will be amazed.
“Always a Special Place” July 10th,2015
This is another of Pattayas must do attractions. I would definitely suggest either going early or late in the day as it can get very hot there. The building itself is Sanctuary Of Truth solutely stunning and if you get a guide (you should) they will explain all of the carvings to you in great detail. They will also show you the different types of wood work joints that they use in the building as well as the construction techniques.
“Loved it!” March 23th,2015 
We had a wonderful time at Sanctuary Of Truth but were disappointed we saved it for our last day. There is a lot to do there and it's an extremely beautiful setting. They offer several activities that include everything from a foot massage, dolphin show, elephant ride and speed 
boat rides to ATVs, horseback riding and carriages.
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