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-- State of the Art of Functional Safety Techniques

Hong Kong, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- TUV Rheinland held the 2nd China Functional Safety Symposium in Marriott Hotel Parkview, Shanghai on October 19, 2015. Inheriting the success of the first China Functional Safety Summit of 2011, this year TUV Rheinland continues to strive to upgrade this symposium as a cutting-edge technical platform in functional safety fields with technical presentations and industry dynamics as the keynote. Participants from functional safety industry including manufacturers and designers of safety related instruments and systems, safety related equipment integration and operation companies, functional safety specialists and security specialists, gathered together to exchange, review the present and explore the future development of functional safety and security.

The 2nd TUV Rheinland China Functional Safety Symposium Concluded Successfully in Shanghai
The 2nd TUV Rheinland China Functional Safety Symposium Concluded Successfully in Shanghai


The 2nd TUV Rheinland China Functional Safety Symposium Concluded Successfully in Shanghai
The 2nd TUV Rheinland China Functional Safety Symposium Concluded Successfully in Shanghai


Functional safety and security have become the most important standards in today's industrial automation, and have been widely applied in the process industries of nuclear power, petroleum, chemical and power plant, etc., and also have been widely applied in the fields of machinery, elevator and escalator, smart grids, household appliances software evaluation, automotive and medical software evaluation. Since the functional safety application standards for all industries are from the IEC61508, principles for functional safety in different industries are consistent. As one of the strategic development direction of China industrial automation field, security has attracted extensive attention from the related industry stakeholders. 

The guest speakers are comprised of experts from the industry's professional institutions, renowned multinational corporations, as well as TUV Rheinland senior management. They presented the leading functional safety techniques, and also displayed the latest industry product information and development trends. Meanwhile, this Symposium also provided a communication platform for the professionals engaged in planning, manufacturing, operation, testing and evaluation in the safety related system and equipment fields. Besides, the Symposium also provided a good opportunity for the participants to learn the successful experiences and to get a good understanding of the technical development of other peer enterprises. 

"It is vital in the promotion of technical communication and functional safety itself. As the initiator of functional safety, TUV Rheinland, as a brand, has earned a lot of trust with its competence. And the international communication like this also plays a good role in technical development," commented by Wang Ying, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute. 

The topics of the Symposium include assessment for functional safety and security, functional safety application in process industry, functional safety management, etc., and also explains the benefits of functional safety in details for customers and companies. At the same time, the functional safety experts in nuclear power field also served as the guest speakers, covering the normal operation of nuclear power plant. The topics covered safety instrumented control systems, requirements for hazard analysis of instrument control systems, new changes of IEC 61511 standard, the new technical requirements of China national standard GB/T21109, the status and vision of China nuclear industry. Through the guest speakers' introductions, participants could have deep understanding of the technical trends of functional safety field in different industries. 

Li Yuming, deputy director of the Electric Equipment Safety Research Laboratory of China SINOPEC Safety Engineering Institute, said: "This year is the fourth year since the first Functional Safety Symposium in 2011, and also it is the time when great improvements have been achieved in the application of functional safety in the oil and petro-chemical industry. All the participants shared their application experiences, and benefited a lot by learning from the good practices of different companies and institutes." 

About TUV Rheinland's Functional Safety and Security Services

As a leading third-party inspection and certification organization around the world, TUV Rheinland is specialized in functional safety certification for products and systems and also in qualifying functional safety experts and engineers. It has long been committed to providing one-stop solutions for its customers. TUV Rheinland is capable of providing comprehensive training services based on functional safety standards like IEC61508, IEC61511, ISO26262, ISO13849, IEC62061 and IEC62443 series. And also, it provides services including FSEng qualification certification for functional safety engineers, FSExpert qualification certification for functional safety experts, consultation and certification for functional safety products, and consultation and certification for functional safety quality management system, etc.

TUV Rheinland's functional safety services cover various industries, including automotive electronics, nuclear power instrument control system, process automation safety instrument system(SIS), valves, actuators, industrial machinery, elevators and escalators, smart power grid, security, appliance software evaluation and medical software evaluation, etc. TUV Rheinland will support as always the local enterprises in product safety and innovative research, serving as a safeguard for the local enterprises by helping them to meet the international functional safety standards, and helping them to introduce the advanced international technologies and safety concepts.

TUV Rheinland's functional safety expert and engineer team in China and worldwide, with the Global Center of Excellence for Functional Safety based in Cologne, Germany, is elite with research and development background. Additionally they have gained high recognition and trust in the worldwide industry depending on their many years of research experiences in safety system and excellent understanding of various standards. TUV Rheinland has been chosen by many renowned Chinese and international enterprises from different industries as their cooperative partner, and TUV Rheinland has especially been highly praised for its responsible and professional services during the certification process.

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