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Located off Soi 7,Pattaya Shooters Bar is just two minutes walk from Central Festival which was the first shopping mall of Central Pattaya.The mall has a retail podium of 200,000 m2 on 7 floors. It houses more than 370 retail shops, 5 anchors including an entertainment complex, a 5-floor central department store and has direct access to a 302-room hotel, the Hilton Pattaya. Central Festival Pattaya Beach opens from 11:00 to 23:00 every day.  Central Festival Shopping Mall is the flagship shopping destination in Pattaya and is constantly popular with a varied mix of tourists and locals who flock there for the international brand clothing, varied eating options and all-weather entertainment,such as a cinema, bowling and children’s arcade. With a beachfront location and glass-paneled façade, Central Festival feels miles away from the cheap trinkets and polyester ‘Bad Boys Go To Pattaya’ T-shirts found in the stalls surrounding the mall on either side. Opened in 2009, the modern, ocean-facing design gives visitors a panoramic view of Pattaya Bay, which is an eye-catching backdrop to an afternoon’s shopping. In front of the shopping mall there is a landscaped garden and several water features in a sunken piazza with fast-food outlets and occasionally special events around holiday seasons. Although the main shopping mall closes at 23:00, some of the stand alone bars and restaurants found around the entrances stay open until 02:00, perfect for the mainly tourist clientele who want to drink and dine late into the night.
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