Fantasy Makeup Looks Design for Halloween

World's catalog of fantasy makeup ideas is collected here. Focusing on eye makeup, photos and pictures are good tutorial for design of fantasy makeup looks.Wish you like butterfly on Halloween with themes of fantasy makeup.Fantasy Halloween guide helps men design for their beloved ones.

Pairing with Headdress Flower & Fair Makeup

Although we have mentioned basic versions & upgraded versions of face makeup for Halloween, we don't put forward how face makeup pairs with hair makeup and headdress flower & hat. (Order of picture from left to right, from up to down)
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  1. Red purple pairng would be the most fantasy or worst. Black mediates the gorgeous aunt red and luxury purple, and add goth and mystery to them. As final touch of Halloween costume, it undermines design of lace veil,on forehead, is like artifect full of spell making purple hair makeup perfect. Feather headdress is so fit for purple and makes hair makeup more plump. Red painting on nose is the punchline that is coherent with red headdress flower. Purple eye shade plus eyelash makeup is so charming with black crochet.
  2. Deep fluorescent green hair makeup which is closed to black seems to make sense the rainbow makeup more shiny. Colored with rainbow, design of sunflower is so amazing and fantasy, because of her intense green eyes. (Remind us of "Sunflower" of Van Goth)Not except for situation that the model wears cosmetic contact lenses. "Little beard" is the essence.
  3. It is colorgul upgrade version of Pic 1. Except for red headdress flower and feather headdress, mocha-green diamond headdress is coherent with necklace. Whole set is not easy to handle, for red purple pair & red green pair are heavy for common people. Eye shade and lip makeup are key factors of whole face makeup. Face shade makeup extends to eyes makes sense red & yellow headdress flower. Part of painting with red & blue is coherent with rings.
  4. Very classic vampire couple makeup for Halloween wedding! It is very suitable for men who will be invited to friends party. Bright red and blue are great partner of black style makeup. Not just copy of women. Pear makeup pairs cross, while red flower ring pairs blue flower ring. Red flash chips are painted on forehead of men while blue on women. Different height of eyebrow shows characteristic of gender. Flower line beside lips and stitched line are very ritro and fit for ambience of Medieval castle.
  5. Half face makeup is trended with recent-year fashion. Fantasy & charming & mysterious like a Halloween mask. Asymmetric beauty highlights real appearance and face makeup. Red-black-white desides main characteristic of face makeup, without so-scared style.
  6. Different from Pic 5, Pic 6 is another fantasy style. Symmetric painting style highlights couple makeup is definitely couple makeup. Sky-blue flash-chip trick is the final touch make eyes intense. Moreover, sky blue and white are the main color of this Halloween makeup, brightening and shining the Halloween night party.
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