Pattaya Halloween Recommend Show 

Pattaya is home to many bars, gogo bars and night clubs. Most are located in South and central Pattaya but they are to be found all over the city to varying degrees. The bars are spread all over the city though, there are over 400 in Walking Street alone. Most of the gogo bars, around 80% of them are also located here.
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Club Insomnia
Without doubt the most popular nightclub in Pattaya, Insomnia is divided into two separate venues: Bar Insomnia (iBar) on the ground floor with three pool tables and a scenic seaside terrace and Club Insomnia (iClub) upstairs. 
It gets busy at around midnight and they have sexy coyote dancers, seven of them dancing on stage at a time, the ones that are free you can buy them lady drinks (200 Baht) and / or bar fine them out (1,500 Baht). A cheaper option are the many freelance working girls, a lot of them have ordinary day jobs like hotel, shopping mall or even 7-Eleven and come here to look for some additional income.
There’s a sister branch called Club Insomnia Bangkok that is also very popular but the girls in Pattaya are much better.