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MILAN, April 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

  • The breakthrough that marks Indonesia's first ever participation in the world-renowned show
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After going through a selective curatorial process while competing against a large number of countries from around the world, ICAD by Artura has the honor of showcasing a part of Javanese culture in Superdesign Show 2018 as part of the world's most awaited design fair: Milan Design Week while being the only selected participant from Southeast Asia. The event is held from 17 - 22 April 2018 at Superstudio Piu, Tortona.

Installation view, Java Blues by ICAD, Superdesign Show 2018, Milan
Installation view, Java Blues by ICAD, Superdesign Show 2018, Milan

Java Blues is set to make Indonesian design global by exhibiting Java's traditional roots that are unknown to the public, through art. Defining the Javanese meaning of the color blue, ICAD's project will prove that history is not always written on paper.

"We hosted several exhibitors before, but never from Indonesia. We had exhibitors from mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, but your participation would be premiere," said Dario Negri, Operative Director of Superdesign Show.

Java Blues, the title adopted by ICAD for its display, which falls under its theme for this year, Kisah (Story) presents works by Indonesian creative talents who aim to push boundaries and to challenge perceptions in contemporary design. According to the curatorial team, in Javanese tradition, the color blue expresses human's feelings towards the Creator, other beings, as well as the nature, and ICAD tries to transform this belief into an interior design concept.

"This year's manifesto for Superdesign Show is 'Only the Best', as proposed by Gisella Borioli, the founder herself. We are privileged to be included in the New Boarders of Design category," said Diana Nazir, Founder and Director of Artura.

Featuring well-curated items such Indigo Batik, woodcut artworks and gold jewelries that are designed following a contemporary viewpoint, ICAD explores how Indonesian traditional crafts engage with modernity. Altogether, Java Blues aims to prove that the richness of culture could still relate and be applied within today's design, and that every form or color tells a story.

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About Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) -

Dating back to 2009, it was the birth of a daring breakthrough within the nation's art scene, initiated by ICAD. Eliminating the border between art and society through cross-discipline exhibitions, it determinedly merged creative minds and hands from various backgrounds; interior design, architecture, cinema, fashion, installation and visual art.

ICAD's annual art and design exhibition, managed under Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia, contributes in developing the wide public's mindsets, while requisitioning the significance of art, especially in the lives of urban citizens. As the international art world advances towards the contemporary, ICAD participates, nonetheless without disremembering the principles of Indonesian culture -- incorporating them subtly, yet promisingly.

About Artura - 

As an internationally regarded firm expertizing in interior design and architecture, Artura emphasizes the relationship between space, individual, and identity. One of its many aspiring purposes is to prioritize the founding of distinctiveness in design, strived through the process of elaboration and collaboration, in relevance to various contexts and backgrounds; time, culture, and people.  

Constantly paying attention to the exceptionality of material, craftsmanship and story behind every project, Artura endeavors to cater the desires of our contemporary society's lifestyles. Incorporating art in design had always been its most ambitious goals. Based on over a decade of experiences since its first launch in 1992, the firm continuously performs and gives birth to fresh aesthetical standards, which eventually became critical to the industry.

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