Studio City The House Of Magic Special(18:00)

The House Of Magic show: Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau,

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  • 5/5
    This show consists of 3 separate shows in 3 different halls. Since there was no seat assignment, it was chaotic when it came the time to move from one hall to another. People were all rushing to the next room for a good seat and some guests were really rude. Therefore, elderly and family with small children should take notice of this before going.
    10:20 Dec 05,2016 10
  • 5/5
    Great show very entertaining the magic tricks were just amazing and just so so clever a show that will astonish you
    10:16 Dec 04,2016 10
  • 5/5
    price is valuable for watching this show! Good show!
    09:33 Dec 03,2016 10
  • 5/5
    Seating is on first come basis. We ensured that we were early in the queue which ensured that we were at the front seats for all the 3 shows. We had never seen a Magic Show up so close and had an intention to be able to decipher some of the tricks. Still we had no luck. All 3 shows (in fact, 4 if we include the introduction) were good but the performance of Franz Harary was ultimate. His show was the main highlight of our Macau trip and being in the front row, we could get a selfie with him as well. To our surprise, video shooting and photography was officially permitted during his act and we did not miss out on this exceptional opportunity.

    Hardly any words were spoken during the shows but the eyes had a feast. Things moved so fast and with so many performers on the stage, it was difficult to make out where would the next trick come from. The show concludes with a Ferrari which appears on the stage from nowhere.
    09:51 Dec 02,2016 10
  • 5/5
    The best thing about The House of Magic is that there are different performers, all with their own style and performing completely different magic. For one ticket you get to see three different shows! I was there with my husband, but I saw families with children and people of all ages enjoying the show.
    10:04 Nov 30,2016 10
  • 5/5
    There was a lot of waiting - waiting to get in, waiting to get started, waiting to move from one theatre to another etc., but in the end the reality not matching expectation! I went when the hotel was just opened, but the magicians were pretty average, nothing you had not seen before, and a few flaws revealed. Not value for money.
    11:16 Nov 28,2016 10
  • 5/5
    I enjoyed the magic show. It's cheaper to buy from Hulutrip and use its e-tickets is convenient.

    11:14 Nov 27,2016 10
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