What is Gift Voucher?
It is a voucher which is able to be used to pay for an order.
How to use the Gift Voucher?
1. Gift Vouchers from HopeTrip are mostly bound with your account. You can check the imformation of your Gift Vouchers by logining the account. 
2. You can only use the Gift Vouchers in the account which is bound with it.
3. The Gift Voucher will be expended after you submit your order. And the Gift Voucher will not be refunded even you do not paid the order.
4. The Gift Vouchers are only available during its valid period.
5. In every activity, the rule of using a Gift Voucher is different. Place use it according to the current rule.
How can I get a Gift Voucher?
You can get it through the unscheduled Voucher-Giving activities hosted by HopeTrip.

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