Eiffel Tower Macau Observation Deck Ticket

Eiffel Tower (7F): Souvenir Shop (No.550)

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  • 5/5
    Very nice replica of Eiffel tower. Everybody who is Macao should check this ashome replica, mainly at night when the light show begin (at 8 pm)
    11:07 Dec 26,2016 10
  • 5/5
    This is my first time to stay in this hotel. The rooms are nice and comfortable. The housekeeping services is also great. The location is perfect since it is close to Venetian and other tourist places. I suggest that the checking in process must be improved to avoid long queues. I spent 40minutes just to check-in. 
    17:32 Dec 21,2016 10
  • 5/5
    Your money is better spent on a nice meal in Macau. The view is ugly, I struggled to find anything worth photographing. 

    The attraction is way too expensive. It's a third rate attempt at the original.

    12:04 Dec 11,2016 10
  • 5/5
    I just  book the Eiffel Tower Macau ticket in the website , but it is available for level7, nothing special on it.I might try level37 observation deck .
    13:37 Dec 08,2016 10
  • 5/5
    We get there together with my friend but we just stayed at level 7 rather than get to the top of EIFEL TOWER ,becasue we think there is nothing special,and a little bit expensive of ticket .You could try it if ou have free time. THanksl
    13:00 Dec 08,2016 10
  • 5/5
    Nice veiw at night.
    13:24 Dec 07,2016 10
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