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If you want to taste Macau buffet dinner, you must choose Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner. Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner is in the Macau's highest restaurant--Macau Tower 360 Cafe. It is special offer--Buy 4 Get 1 Free.
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Inclusion: Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner, Macau Tower Admission Ticket.
Redemption: You will receive a E-ticket by email after the transaction is suceeded. Please present a mobile or printed E-ticket for redemption.
Opening Hour: 18:30-22:00.
Tips: One ticket for one person, beer, wine and special drink are not included in the ticket.





How good is Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner? If you want to taste Macau buffet dinner, you must choose Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner. Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner is in the Macau's highest restaurant--Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner. 
Buffet Dinner at 360 Cafe Macau Tower Buy 4 Get 1 Free
Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner
Come and enjoy the delicious food and the stunning views from Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner. Beautifully prepared local Portuguese and Indian dishes sit alongside exquisite seafood creations, so try a little of everything in Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner. This is a visual and gastronomic feast of international delicacies!
Buffet Dinner at 360 Cafe Macau Tower Buy 4 Get 1 Free
Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner: You can enjoy dinner high above Macau with stunning evening views and a sumptuous buffet to match. Tantalize your taste buds with the irresistible seasonal seafood platter for the ultimate culinary indulgence. The Macau Tower 360 Cafe rotates fully every one-and-half-hour – watch as the lights of Macau come to life and the sunsets – providing a truly unique and romantic experience.
Buffet Dinner at 360 Cafe Macau Tower Buy 4 Get 1 Free
Buffet Menus
Buffet Dinner at 360 Cafe Macau Tower Buy 4 Get 1 Free
Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner
 Appetizers & Salads Dessert
Daily soup based on rotation
Caldo verde, Portuguese vegetables broth
Home made Portuguese bread (Broa), bread rolls and sliced breads served with butter
Potato salad with carrots, sweet peas, cucumbers and saffron mayonnaise
Kale and apple salad with pancetta and candied pecans
Balsamic chicken and white bean salad
Chickpea and prawn salad with cucumber, tomatoes and mint
Butter beans, salmon and celery salad
Brown rice and tofu salad with sunflower seeds
Barley salad with dried fruits, mixed nuts and smoked salmon
Chicken and asparagus salad with peanut sauce
omaine lettuce, Tower Mesclun mixed greens and lollo ros
Thousand Island dressing, Caesar dressing, balsamic vinaigrette and honey mustard dressing
Cucumber stick, cherry tomato, roasted beet root, corn kernel and shredded carrot
Sun-dried tomato, chopped crispy bacon, chopped egg, rosemary mixed nuts and bread crouton
Goat cheese, brie cheese, soft pepper cheese, soft garlic herb cheese, Emmenthal cheese, blue cheese
Assorted ice creams with
Chocolate fountain with fruits and marshmallows
Warm chocolate bread pudding with walnut & raisin, vanilla sauce
Coconut custard tart with pineapple compote
Marbled chocolate cheese cake with wine jelly
Baked wild blueberry pie
Raspberry tiramisu cake
Chocolate & orange cake with chocolate glaze
Strawberry mille feuille slice
Calvados apple charlotte with rum raisins
Glutinous rice dumplings with sesame paste in ginger syrup
Apricot and chocolate crumble
Limencello panna cotta with marinated berries
Irish coffee mousse with toffee and vanilla biscotti
Almond and coconut bean curd with fruit salsa
Caramelized milk rice with cherry compote
Portuguese almond pudding
Lemon caramel custard with port wine prunes
Serra dura Mousse
Portuguese mini egg tarts
Coffee & tea
Sashimi & Sushi Seafood on Ice
Fresh salmon, tuna, octopus,cuttlefish and shrimp
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber roll
Steak, asparagus and tomato roll
Vegetarian Roll
Mini tuna and cucumber roll
Mini crab and egg salad roll
Mini braised mushroom and BBQ duck roll
Chicken wings with teriyaki sauce
Fresh corn with butter and nori
Roasted cherry tomato wrapped in bacon
oached prawn, mussel, sea whelk and half shell scallop
Smoked salmon and smoked mackerel served with condiments
Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner
Buffet Dinner at 360 Cafe Macau Tower Buy 4 Get 1 Free
 Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner
Hot Dishes
lat rice noodle, oily noodle, rice vermicelli and rice noodle
Laksa broth and chicken stock
Local lettuce, choi sum, bean sprout, shiitake mushroom, bok choy, nine pak cabbage, Chinese cabbage and bean curd
Fish ball curry
Soy braised chicken wing
Preserved mustard plant and meat
Braised beef in ‘Zhu Hou’ sauce
Fried stuffed bean curd with minced pork 
Pork ball
Chopped spring onion, chopped coriander leaf, crispy fried shallot and chili soy dip
Live jumping prawn
Roasted duck
Poached chicken
BBQ pork
Served with condiments: plum sauce and ginger relish
erb and sausage stuffed pork belly with port wine glaze
inguini with smoked salmon, pesto and black pepper
Fusilli with shredded ham and black truffle in cream sauce
Fried Codfish Balls
Chorizo sausage
Portuguese blood sausage
Egg and spinach tortilla
Sauté  spinach with corn bread
Sauteed pearl onions, chestnuts and bacon
Seafood curry with potatoes and tomatoes
Portuguese baked duck rice
Portuguese style pork roast with steamed clams
Fried fish fillet with chorizo garlic dip
Chickpea stew with bacon and beef
Kale and water chestnuts in curried cream
Beef escalope with sage and prosciutto ham served with green bean puree and rosemary jus
Roasted lamb legs with mixed mushroom, natural jus and mint sauce
Roasted miso sea bass fillet with white wine cream sauce
Thai style roasted pork’s neck with sweet chili sauce
Garlic rubbed pork shoulder with spring vegetables
Braised broccoli with mixed mushrooms in pecan butter
Fried curried rice vermicelli with capsicums and mixed seafood
Rosemary garlic potatoes
Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner
Macau Tower
Buffet Dinner at 360 Cafe Macau Tower Buy 4 Get 1 Free
• The Tower is 338m high at its highest point.
• The main observation level is 223m above ground.
• From the highest viewing deck it is possible to see 55km away.
• The Tower can withstand winds of up to 400km/h.
• The steel mast on top of the Tower is 90m tall.
• The Tower was designed principally by Gordon Moller of CCMBECA, New Zealand.
• Macau Tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.
Transportation Guide
1. You can get to the Macau Tower from Macau Border Gate Terminal by Transmac bus 9A and TCM18.
2. You can take the free shuttle bus to the Macau Tower at the underground parking of Hark Rock Hotel.
3. Tax from Macau Border Gate Terminal to Macau Tower, might cost about 80HKD. You can also take the shuttle bus to Grand Lisboa Hotel, then take tax to Macau Tower, it only cost 30HKD in this way. 
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