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Where is delicacy icons? Hongdae Alley Fried chicken here! Here is the complete Q&A on fried chicken of Hongdae Alley during spring&summer.We concern about local weather for you, and find out what to wear during spring&summer, and who is the good partner for fried chicken.   
Q What about Korean culture of fried chicken?
A  Koreans like to gather together watching sport competition, with eating fried chicken and beer. After hot Korean TV show--My Love from the Star has broadcast, Korean popular culture was hottest. Now, the first choice of Korean supper is fried chicken with beer. By the way, almost hot Korean stars have received endorsements of brands of fried chickens. Fried chicken and beer come from lines of the actress--Why not fried chicken and beer be served in the snowy day? 
Q  Except for beer, are there any other good partners for fried chicken?  
A  Yes, french fries, soft drink. Definitely, local Koreans prefer soybean sprouts. Soybean sprouts are fresh and cool, compared with hot and oil fried chicken, so Hongdae Alley Fried Chicken chooses allocation of them, making good use of soybean sprouts to mediate the heat of fried chicken. In addition, sour radish is another fresh and cool partner for fried chicken while mediates the heat and high calorie of fried chicken.