Summer is especially hot here in Macau, so many people would stay indoor rather than going out. But for tourists, the purpose of traveling is obvious: exploring having some fun in this new place! Going to Galaxy Macau Grand Resort Deck - Water Park would be a good choice. After having fun there, then having Glaxy Macau buffet would be even a better idea! It's all convenient! 
Glaxy Macau buffet

1. Galaxy Macau Buffet - Festiva

The attraction of buffets has always been the freedom to choose the food you like from a plethora of choices, and Festiva is a top-rate buffet restaurant serving Asian specialties and innovative international cuisines.

Galaxy Macau Buffet - Festiva

Galaxy Macau Buffet - Festiva selects quality ingredients from around the world and serves a series of seasonal specialties, including daily jet-fresh seafood, etc.; the variety of choices is simply amazing and food lovers would be amply satisfied.

Galaxy Macau Buffet - Festiva

Address: G007, G/F, Galaxy Macau™

More information about booking, dishes, opening hours, please click: Galaxy Macau Buffet - Festiva

2. Galaxy Macau Buffet - Saffron

Galaxy Macau Buffet - Saffron serves exquisite and delicious authentic Thai cuisine, with enhancement on the smell, look and taste of the dishes, satisfying the sophisticated palates of modern gourmets.

Galaxy Macau Buffet - Saffron

In fact, once you enter the restaurant, you will be pleased to see the elegant, serene and spacious interior, and to hear the mellow Thai background music. The signature and authentic Thai dishes, such as Grilled Pork Tenderloin and Tong Yum Goong Mae Nam, etc., will bring you to another level of satisfaction. There’s no doubt that Saffron is the only Thai restaurant in Macau recommended by both the Michelin Guide and Hong Kong Tatler’s Best Restaurants Guide.

Galaxy Macau Buffet - Saffron

More information about booking, dishes, opening hours, please click: Galaxy Macau Buffet - Saffron