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Everland: Theme Parade in Horror Night, Highlights of Ticket for Foreigner,
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Not Only horror night at Everland 2016: Featured with Halloween taste, Everland will hold Mid Autumn Festival & Halloween horror nights from Sep 9 to Nov 1 for 59 days. Everland is decorated with pumpkin. Trick-or-treat selfies love Everland night with cheerful neighbours. Horror-filled activities incorporating zombies, such as costume play, safari, and a flash mob will be presented for young visitors. In addition, a Halloween Kids Party, 3D mapping show, and parade will be held for visitors who come with their families.
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Horror Night for Foreigner 2016

For foreigners living or traveling in South Korea during Halloween season, it‘s hard not to wipe that frown off of your face. Reason being for the pouty looks on our faces, and especially those of our kids. Halloween is not so great thing in South Korea before, but it is more and more popular in recent years. 
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What's Fun Everland Halloween

Halloween with a zombie costume and makeup 3D photos with a graveyard as the background at the zombie grave experience zone. Activities such as a horror safari, maze, and walking dead square, halloween parade are such highlight. Family activities such as a Halloween Kids Party, 3D mapping show shine your eyes. Autumn romantic events with 10 million chrysanthemums and 1000 pumpkins.
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Seoul Halloween 2016: 
Face Makeup  Dillinger's Bar  Wolfound Pub  Sauna Guide  Everland Fun
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