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Spring is coming after your exhilarating ski tour in Korea 2017. Cherry Blossom Festival is ready to be participated in . Weather is turning to warmer, cherry may be blooming longer because of smaller temperature difference. With quickly spring stepping at Korea 2017, cherry blossom festivals are approaching. What is best cherry tour with fun activities Korea 2017? Indulge yourself in Cherry Blossom sea and you will be refreshing by cherry fragrant. Expected date of cherry blossoms of every area of Korea 2017 will be presented in the end.
Expected Cherry Festival Korea 2017,Best Cherry Tour Korea 2017
As best season to explore tour with cherry blossom trees to burst into bloom, cherry blossom festivals draw tourists from all over the world to marvel at their beauty including you. There are a bunch of different exciting events that occur outdoors that bring tourists to come up with their cherry travel plan with most hit-on and spectacular cherry blossom festival in Korea on it. 
Expected Cherry Festival Korea 2017,Best Cherry Tour Korea 2017
To help you find out the most special cherry, let us approch Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 first. The blooming starts on Jeju Island in late March. Some die-hard cherry blossom pilgrims might make the trip to Jeju to see the first bloom in Korea this year. It is better to save trip to Jeju for another time and experience King Cherry Blossom Festival in Jeju Island. 
Expected Cherry Festival Korea 2017,Best Cherry Tour Korea 2017
King Cherry Blossom is seen all over Seogwipo's downtown area, in addition to surrounding Jeju Sports Complex. Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival will be held in the area of Jeonnong-ro and the entrance of Jeju National University. However, the peak of the King Cherry Trees blossoms lasts for only 2 to 3 days. Come listen to smoothing music along cherry tour in Jeju.
April 1 Opening Ceremony
Seosara Cultural Festival site on Jeonnong-ro Street
Opening music to kick off the fesitval: Cherry Blossom Music Concert + Cherry Blossom Night
April 2-3 / 2 days
Seosara Cultural Street Festival (Samdo 1-dong) / Individual program
There may be Cherry Blossom Youth Festival
April 4-8 / 5 days
Cherry blossom contest, photo zone, flower viewing, lighting and cherry blossom sightseeing site are at entrance of Jeju National University, Jeonnong-ro
April 9-10 / 2 days
Cherry Blossom Street Event, Photo Contest, Flea Market are held at Entrance of Jeju National University.
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Expected Cherry Festival Korea 2017,Best Cherry Tour Korea 2017
Thanks for opening of the subway Line 9 extension, Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival--most beautiful cherry blossom festival in Soeul are easier to get access. During cherry festival 2017, you will see about 1400 cherry trees in full bloom. There are street performances, food vendors, and many different cultural activities as other cherry blossom festivals.You can take Seoul Subway Line 9 to National Assembly Station. 
Azaleas, Forsythia, Royal Azaleas are also in full bloom at Mid-April
It is easier to get access to Lotte World than Yeouido Island. Another exciting afternoon at an amusement park afterwards will be Easter egg for group tour. Just head over to Jamsil Station on Seoul Subway Metro Line 2 you can get to Lake Seokchon. 
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Expected Cherry Festival Korea 2017,Best Cherry Tour Korea 2017
Also known as Namsan Tower, N Seoul Tower, located on Mount Namsan, N Seoul Tower is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Seoul. The tower is well known for having various Western-style luxury restaurants and the Sky Restroom, both offering breathtaking views of the city. Observatory views bottom plaza space, surrounding open space, prospect space along the raise of sightseeing elevator. Stepping onto glass with width of 30cm feels like flying vain. Thus, every night, 6 searchlights spell pattern of Seoul blossom makes observatory more pleasant. You can watch night cherry here.
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Expected Cherry Festival Korea 2017,Best Cherry Tour Korea 2017