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- There will be 630 inventions exhibited from 30 countries- A keen attention will be drawn to safety-related inventions such as self-protection IoT devices and a locked-in-car alarm system

Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA: chairman Gu Ja-yeul) announced on 29th that "Seoul International Invention Fair 2017" would be held at Seoul COEX Hall A from November 30 to December 3. For this fair, a total of 630 inventions have been submitted from 30 countries including USA and Germany.

Of them, it is expected that a keen attention will be placed on safety-related smart devices such as a self-protection IoT device to prevent crime and a locked-in-car alarm system that sends a rescue message by detecting a child's motions when he or she is left alone in a school transport.

SIIF, which is one of four internationally renowned invention fairs, will be hosted by Korean Intellectual Property Office and supervised by Korea Invention Promotion Association. Seoul City Hall, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) are the official sponsors.

This fair is characterized not only as the exhibition of inventions but also as a general event in which international organizations and several patent and technology agencies will participate. Therefore, it will provide inventors from all over the world with an opportunity to open up various markets, including technology transfer, purchase, and investment counseling.

In addition, the Foreigners' Invention & Business Start-Up Exhibition Fair will also be held as part of SIIF and exhibit 20 inventions by expatriates residing in Korea who want to acquire a domestic patent and start up a business in Korea.

Lee Jun-seok, full-time vice-chairman of Korea Invention Promotion Association, said, "SIIF 2017 is an occasion in which the participants can take a quick understanding on the trends and performance of global technological development" and added, "SIIF 2017 will be the field of exchanging information for investors as well as promoting the latest inventions to the public."

Visitors are admitted free to "SIIF 2017" and for more information about the fair, please visit SIIF's official site ( or contact Intellectual Property Promotion Department (+82-2-3459-2796, 2843) of Korea Invention Promotion Association.

*Attachment: Summary of Seoul International Invention Fair 2017

Summary of Seoul International Invention Fair 2017

  • Purpose
    • To expand exchanges between domestic and overseas inventors and build an international network
    • To open up overseas markets for excellent inventions and support for active distribution
  • History
    • '02 -'08: 'Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF)' held biennially
    • '09 - now: 'Seoul International Invention Fair(SIIF)' held annually
  • Host/Supervisor: Korean Intellectual Property Office / Korea Invention Promotion Association
  • Sponsor: WIPO, IFIA, 4 Economic Organizations, Seoul City Hall, Korea Women Inventors' Association, Korea Institute of Patent Information, Korea Patent Attorneys Association, etc.
  • Main Events





Nov. 30 (Thurs) -
Dec. 1 (Fri)


Hall A

▪ On-site evaluation (domestic and
overseas inventions)

* Judges: 40 experts from 16 sectors


Dec. 2 (Sat.),


COEX Conference Room

▪ Vice-president of KIP

▪ Domestic and overseas participants

  • Awards: Grand, Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Special
  • Exhibition Halls



Exhibition of Submitted

Display of the submitted technologies to Seoul International
Invention Fair 2017

Foreigners' Invention &
Business Start-Up
Exhibition Fair

Display of inventions by the foreigners residing in Korea


An opportunity for participating companies and buyers to discuss
on the inventions


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