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Investments grow despite tariff scares and Fed's tightening policy

PHUKET, Thailand, Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The New Nordic Group, one of the fastest growing construction, hotel and hospitality management company in South East Asia, stated today that they believe Asia's emerging economies, particularly Thailand, are well positioned to prosper despite threats of tariffs and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank's policy of ratcheting up interest rates during the next 12-months.

"We've looked at the data and it is our belief that Thailand will do well going forward despite threats of tariffs and raising interest rates in the U.S.," said Kurt Svendheim, CEO of the New Nordic Group which currently has a number of holiday and hospitality construction projects in progress in the South East Asian region.

According to a study by one of the country's leading banks, Thailand ranks second from the top, in terms of financial health, in their often sited emerging market "Vulnerability Index" which tracks 24 emerging market economies. The index looks at a country's current balance of payments, foreign reserves, external debt and domestic inflation.

"Both the Thai government and private sector have managed the economy well, and, therefore, will be able to weather economic risks better than their global peers. That's why we are so bullish on the area, as is evident by our increased investments there," Svendheim stated further.

Thailand's economy is growing; government promotes foreign investment

Thailand is one of Asia's safest and most sought after investment destinations due, in part, to its growing economy. The World Bank said, "Thailand is one of the great development success stories… becoming an upper middle income economy." This year, the economy is estimated to grow at over 4%, much of this driven by tourism.

"It's not just the beautiful beaches and lush landscapes that bring us to Thailand; it's also the economic health of the country. A place's appearance is not the only thing we look at when we make our decision," said Svendheim.

New Nordic Group's current projects/investments in the region

There are a number of new projects currently underway in Thailand by the New Nordic Group. These include a 152-room, 4-star hotel facility in popular Pattaya, and a family vacation development in Phuket Island called New Nordic Water World, to name just two.

One of the most popular tourist destinations is Phuket. New Nordic's Phuket development, Water World, features family friendly facilities as well as recreational activities for sophisticated adults. The development is 377,000 sq. ft. and will feature studios and one and two bedroom condos for sale. The first phase of the project is currently underway. Investors can now participate in this development at favorable pre-construction rates through the New Nordic Group (see their link below).

See the development's website at:

The New Nordic Group typically has ten or more buildings under construction at any one time. A new one is generally completed every month. And with over 1,000 employees worldwide, New Nordic Group is positioned well to service their largest customer-base: Chinese tourists. Thailand is China's number one tourist destination. In 2016, over 9 million Chinese tourists visited the country, up 36% from the year before.

About the New Nordic Group

The New Nordic Group has built, or is building, 100 developments throughout Asia and the world. They develop, construct and manage condos, apartments, villas, hotels and holiday villages that include leisure and retail facilities.

The New Nordic Group provides real-estate options for those looking to generate income, or those simply seeking a property for personal use. The New Nordic Group offers investments in hotels, condominiums, villas and a range of other real-estate related projects. These products give the investor a choice of terms, interest rates and capital appreciation.

See the company's website at  


See the company's website at

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