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From the Land of the Midnight Sun to the Beautiful Beaches of South East Asia, Svendheim Builds a Hospitality Empire, Celebrating their 9th Anniversary

PHUKET, Thailand, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- One's first thought upon hearing the name New Nordic Group is of white, snowy landscapes, not the white sandy beaches of South East Asia. To the surprise of many, the New Nordic Group is a leading ASEAN-based construction and hospitality management company who has built over 100 condos, apartments, villas and hotel holiday villages throughout the region. And the story of how Kurt Svendheim, a Norwegian national, and the CEO of the New Nordic Group, built popular resorts in far flung, yet strikingly beautiful Asia, is an unlikely one.

Kurt Svendheim, CEO of the New Nordic Group, the fastest growing resort and hotel chain in Asia, goes native on one of South East Asia's beautiful white sand beaches.
Kurt Svendheim, CEO of the New Nordic Group, the fastest growing resort and hotel chain in Asia, goes native on one of South East Asia's beautiful white sand beaches.

A graduate of the prestigious University of Norway, Kurt first dabbled in international real estate when he was in his early 30's. He bought properties in then little-known countries like Bulgaria, and, but still not frequently traveled parts of Turkey and Brazil.

Fast forward a few years and Kurt fell in love with South East Asia. He started New Nordic with the intention of being a major player in the construction, real estate and hospitality business in this much ignored part of the world.

Another Asian paradise. New Nordic Group
Another Asian paradise. New Nordic Group

"For older folks, particularly Americans, South East Asia invokes the Vietnam war era. Young and middle-aged people, however, travel here by the thousands to enjoy the regions beautiful, unspoiled beaches and friendly people," said Mr.Svendheim.

New Nordic Expands to Other Regions

While New Nordic Group has completed over 50 construction projects in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia among others in South East, it is also looking at property venues as far afield as sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa and Kenya.

To finance these projects, New Nordic Group recently established an investment branch located in the U.S. called the Auran Group (for investment options, go to the Auran Group website noted below).

See the company's website at

Emerging Markets Provide Robust Returns

With interest rates low in most developed economies, and a dearth of unspoiled natural venues, many investors look to emerging markets to increase returns and take advantage of the expanding travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Coupled with improved infrastructures and a rapidly growing middle class in mid-market countries, companies like New Nordic Group are well positioned well for the future

Svendheim noted, "The key to our success is to enter emerging markets at an early stage. Then we bring these holiday destinations to market, so folks can experience not just the physical beauty of the place but enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that is unique to our developments. Another reason for our success is that our facilities are run with Scandinavian sensibility coupled with South East Asian hospitality."

Transforming lush jungles and untouched beaches into international holiday destinations while protecting the area's eco-system, is something New Nordic Group management and Kurt Svendheim are very proud of.

"The last thing we want to do is ruin these beautiful areas because that's what attracts people here in the first place" said Svendheim. "We have over 50,000 visitors to our breakfast restaurants in Pattaya each month during the high season for example, yet this influx of people barely leaves an imprint on the environment."

The New Nordic Group does leave an imprint on clients and employees by building holiday destinations that are an integral part of their communities and by providing simple, yet high quality products and with a developing Green approach.

And for the early investors in New Nordic Group, who are marking the company's 9th birthday, they are really celebrating.

About the New Nordic Group

This Phuket project is one of 100 that the New Nordic Group has built or is building to date. In addition, they have developed and constructed condos, apartments, villas, and hotel holiday villages that include leisure and retail facilities.

The New Nordic Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and provides real-estate options for those looking to generate income, or those simply seeking a property for personal use. The New Nordic Group offers investments in hotels, condominiums, villas and a range of other real-estate related projects. These products give the investor a choice of terms, interest rates and capital appreciation.

See the company's website at  or

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