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  • A successful exhibition of new energy solutions at 'CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Reseaux Elecrtiques) 2018'
  • Confirmed its status as the leading energy company in Korea with its newest PCS and FACTS technology

ANYANG, South Korea and PARIS, Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- LSIS, one of the leading energy company in Korea, has revealed its self-developed, new generation of energy solutions at CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Reseaux Elecrtiques) where global leaders of energy industries were gathered. 

LSIS participated in CIGRE 2018 held in Paris, France, from August 27-31 along with international leaders of the industry. Using a total of 6 exhibition booths (54m2), LSIS introduced its newest line of key development in ESS (Energy Storage System), PCS (Power Conditioning System), and FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System).

Making its first appearance in the European market, the new ESS lineup, as the core technology of renewable energy trends sweeping across the globe, has garnered attention.  

LSIS's Modular Scalable PCS, a customizable, mid to large scale PCS for ESS, is independently developed by LSIS utilizing the company's own power conditioning technologies and the world-class production capacity that produces energy efficient power electronic devices such as industrial inverters.

The newest model has a capacity for the smart stand-alone operation enabled by PEBB (Power Electronic Building Block) for ESS modularized at 125~158kW, and with maximized parallel connection up to 16 devices, (the largest in Korea), offering significantly improved scalability, stability, and efficiency.

'Modular Scalable PCS' from LSIS allows parallel connections of modularized PEBBs that results in scalability up to ten times from basic 250kW to 2.5MW, accompanied by smart stand-alone operation system based on LSIS's own smart ESS operation system that minimizes the duration of shut-down in cases of PEBB malfunction.

As one of the experts in HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) industry in Korea, LSIS demonstrated its technological prowess by introducing FACTS: Flexible AC Transmission System in which it the power loss problem known to AC transmission connection is corrected by applying the power conversion technology that is fundamental to HVDC.

LSIS has completed development of the 1st generation FACTS technology such as SVC (675Mkvar SVC) and other core technologies related to STATCOM (300Mvar STATCOM), demonstrating its market competitiveness for Korean and international market.

According to the Navigant Research, a market research expert, the international market for FACTS is expected to exceed 50-billion-dollar revenue by 2022 due to a rapid increase in the number of wind and solar energy projects.

In addition, LSIS introduced global energy solutions such as a high voltage GIS (Gas Insulated Switch Gear) at 25.8~420kV and a high voltage transformer with the maximum voltage of 550 and capacity of 800MV, and 'LS PDPS', a preventive diagnostic system that diagnoses and predicts a breakdown based on real-time information including temperature and erroneous discharge collected from the sensors placed on power distribution and transmission equipment.

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