Rail Plus Card Korea (Take at Incheon Airport)

Map Incheon Airport

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)     Tour Code:290647
Unavailable HKD 15+

Rail Plus Card can be used recycly,and exchange in counter of Incheon Airport.Please choose the pickup counter during reservation.

Rail Plus Card Korea (Take at Incheon Airport)

Map Incheon Airport

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)

Unavailable HKD 15+ Tour Code:290647

Rail Plus Card can be used recycly,and exchange in counter of Incheon Airport.Please choose the pickup counter during reservation.

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Tip: Rail Plus Card can be used recycly when you recharge.
Balance: It is without money inside, it can be used after recharging.
Pickup Time: 6:30-21:00.
Official Price: 2500 won.  Payment is only 2400 won in Hulutrip.
Age Requirement: adult(aged 19-65) takes ordinary card, teenager(aged 13-19) takes teenage card, child(aged 6-13) takes child card, but teenage card and child card turns ordinary card after 10 days on-use.


Name:Rail Plus Card Korea

Address:Incheon Airport


It is latest transport pass used for bus, subway, coach, train, taxi, and shopping in Story Way, even payment of some parking lots in whole Korea. It is Rail Plus Card can be used recycly, and exchange in counter of Incheon Airport. Please choose the pickup counter during reservation. Hulutrip provides you rail plus card Korea,and you take it at Incheon Airport. It is Korean railway pass which is economy rail plus pass in Korea.

Rail Plus Card How to Pickup

Location: 1. B1F - No.38, Funny Malling, opposite to CGV.

2. 1F, K Books, Incheon International Airport Immigration (between C-D, Millennium Hall on the right), opposite to Exit 7, Incheon Airport.

How to Recharge Rail Plus Card

Location: 1. Auto machine for recharge is placed at metro entrance of Incheon Airport or Store Way(Korean convenience store).

                  2. Auto machine in each metro station.

a. Choose language-english.
b. Click recharge of transportation card.
c. Choose sum of recharge or tape.
d. Put Rail Plus Card on sensing area (red area).
e. Put paper money.
f. Wait the end of recharge.
g. Balance of Rail Plus Card is on screen.
h. The end.

Discount for Transfer

Within 30 mins after get-off, you can transfer for 4 times at max in range of downtown Seoul and Gyeonggi Province.
Metro: Payment is at least 1350 won for a adult, but pay 1250 won using Rail Plus Card.
Bus: 100 won off.
Comprehensive Payment: Transfer between metro and bus should be paid at least 2450 won(1250 won for metro, 1200 won for trunk bus), if you use Rail Plus Card, it saves 1200 won.

Refund during Departure

Tourists can apply for balance refund with no-appearance-damage Rail Plus Card.
Location: metro entrance of Airport Express in Incheon Airport(B1F) / Office of metro station / with me(convenience store).
Balance Limit: less than 50000 won, refund through cash; more than 50000 won, tourists should go to Office of bus station (headmaster of company).
How To Order


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