Everland + N Seoul Tower Package

Map Everland + N Seoul Tower

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)     Tour Code:342834
Unavailable HKD 299+

N Seoul Tower is one of must-see attraction for photography, and tourists can send postcard via post office in N Seoul Tower Park. They can also take pictures at love padlock & heart chair and enjoy hancook journey. Everland Park is for family tour or friend group tour. Hulutrip provides you with passport ticket of Everland N Seoul Tower Package.

Everland + N Seoul Tower Package

Map Everland + N Seoul Tower

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)

Unavailable HKD 299+ Tour Code:342834

N Seoul Tower is one of must-see attraction for photography, and tourists can send postcard via post office in N Seoul Tower Park. They can also take pictures at love padlock & heart chair and enjoy hancook journey. Everland Park is for family tour or friend group tour. Hulutrip provides you with passport ticket of Everland N Seoul Tower Package.

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Inclusion: Everland & N Seoul Tower Ticket Package.
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Everland 10:00-22:00
N Seoul Tower 10:00-23:00
Time to redeem ticket: 09:30-21:00
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Name:Everland + N Seoul Tower

Address:Everland + N Seoul Tower


N Seoul Tower is one of must-see attraction for photography, and tourists can send postcard via post office in N Seoul Tower Park. They can also take pictures at love padlock & heart chair and enjoy hancook journey. Everland Park is for family tour or friend group tour. Hulutrip provides you with passport ticket of Everland N Seoul Tower Package.
Why does it deserve your Everland Passport Ticket
After buying Everland Passport Ticket, you can enjoy a journey of Everland Resort which is a comprehensive playground with 5 topic amusement park for adventure, like global market, American adventure, magic park, Europe adventure, and zoo. Amusement facilities of inspired intelligence are attractive for parental paradise. With different ceremonies in four seasons, adventures are included honey bees collecting nectar, butterflies experience, intimation with animals, jeep tour, animal family academy, and environment academy beyond Everland Passport Ticket. 
everland theme park korea hulutrip,everland package hulutrip
Everland Play Coupon--Global Shopping Mall
Novel architectures in Islam, Spain, India, so groups of building are education sites of history and culture. Cartoon sculpture is combined with highlight of Eastern and Western cultures. Ancient Mesopotamian architecture, medieval building, Renaissance architecture and modern construction are enjoying photography fun with visitors.
Everland Play Coupon--American Adventure
Ultra high-speed roller coaster is with two rotating screw along a linear track. Tornado within height of 19 meters is rotating around you.  
everland theme park korea hulutrip,everland package hulutrip,everland roller coaster hulutrip
Everland Play Coupon--Fairy Tale Paradise
Tourist recommendation can safely say that one will not run out of things to do and see in Everland Resort, Seoul beyond Everland Passport Ticket. A fairy tale paradise topiced with Aesop is set up here, so Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the Disney princesses are nowhere to be seen (of course) but that doesn’t lessen the fun for dianeyland fans. Facilitated with gaming zone, children can make fun with tortise and rabbit after reservation of Everland Passport Ticket.
everland theme park korea hulutrip,everland package hulutrip
Everland Play Coupon--Europe Adventure
T-express is the most precipitous wooden roller coaster in the world, with gap of 77 degrees lasting for 3 minutes. The first and last drop are too deep to make your head snap. Four Seasons Garden is presented tulip in spring, rose&lily in summer, chrysanthemum in Autumn, Christmas tree in Winter after booking Everland Passport Ticket. 
everland theme park korea hulutrip,everland package hulutrip
Everland Play Coupon--Equatorial Adventure
Everland Resort is proud of 210 kinds of animals, about 2500. New technology is utilized to attract anthropoids. With more-than-one-year train, tens of chicken fly in the sky that makes only authentic bird-show in the world beyond Everland Passport Ticket.
Everland Passport Ticket Recommend route: African Animal Adventure--Bird Garden--Monkey Valley of Fraternity--Animal Amazing Attraction--Animal Wonderful World--Lost Valley--Wild Animal Kingdom--Animal Family Garden. Just choose the best day to visit Everland Resort!
everland theme park korea hulutrip,everland package hulutrip
How to Go Everland Resort
Address:199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Take No.60, No.66 bus and get off at terminal.
1. Metro Line 2, Station Gangnam, Exit 10, 200-meter walk and take No.5002 bus(interval 30 minute)
2. Metro Line 2, Station Riverside, Exit 1, take No.5700 bus(interval 25 minute)
3. Opposite to metro Line 1 Station Suwon, and take No.6000 bus(interval 20 minute)
4. 5 minutes walk from Yongin Suburban Bus Terminal along with direction of downtown area, and take No.60, No.66 getting off at terminal.
Offering panoramic views of Seoul, the 236.7m Seoul Tower sits atop Namsan Mountain (243m). Hulutrip provides you with N Seoul Tower map,E-ticket booking,address,phone,and other Seoul attraction guide. Near Dongguk University Entrance,Chungmuro Station,Myeong-dong Station,transportation is quick.
N Seoul Tower Namsan Park
The 236.7m Seoul Tower sits atop Namsan Mountain (243m), offering panoramic views of Seoul. The view is so stunning that many consider Seoul Tower the best tower in Asia. Visitors are encouraged to try the N Grill western-style revolving restaurant (one rotation every 48 minutes) and the Sky Restroom (an artfully decorated space). Both offer breathtaking views of the cityscape.
n seoul tower observatory hulutrip,n seoul tower locks of love hulutrip,n seoul tower at night hulutrip,n seoul tower view hulutrip
N Seoul Tower Postcard & Post Office
Send your beloved ones postcard at Seoul highest post office!
n seoul tower postcard hulutrip,n seoul tower post office hulutrip
Pleasure Observatory Near Namsan Park
Observatory views bottom plaza space, surrounding open space, prospect space along the raise of sightseeing elevator. Stepping onto glass with width of 30cm feels like flying vain. Thus, every night, 6 searchlights spell pattern of Seoul blossom makes observatory more pleasant.
n seoul tower observatory hulutrip,n seoul tower locks of love hulutrip,n seoul tower at night hulutrip,n seoul tower view hulutrip
Sky Restroom of N Seoul Tower near Namsan Park
It is on second floor, and view panorama through the window.
n seoul tower observatory hulutrip,n seoul tower locks of love hulutrip,n seoul tower at night hulutrip,n seoul tower view hulutrip
N Seoul Tower Revolving Restaurant above Observatory
Seoul Attractions seem to be another delicacy during enjoying meal in the revolving restaurant revolved a round for 48 minutes. Authentic taste is available for French restaurant, Italian restaurant, Hanjeongsik. It is free to enjoy local delicacy or remote food style, known as five-star service without pricy price.
n seoul tower restaurant hulutrip,n seoul tower observatory hulutrip,n seoul tower locks of love hulutrip,n seoul tower at night hulutrip,n seoul tower view hulutrip
N Seoul Tower Love Padlock & Heart Chair
To padlock the love, N Seoul Tower Love Padlock on N Seoul Tower is a helpful hand to grasp love of many couples. 
n seoul tower love padlock heart chair hulutrip,n seoul tower observatory hulutrip,n seoul tower locks of love hulutrip,n seoul tower at night hulutrip,n seoul tower view hulutrip
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