Macau Grand Prix 2017

Map Macau Guia Circuit

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The Macau Grand Prix, first held in 1954, is a world famous race held at the Circuito da Guia, an urban circuit in the former Portuguese colony of Macau (China).

Macau Grand Prix 2017

Map Macau Guia Circuit

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)

Unavailable HKD 50+ Tour Code:421958

The Macau Grand Prix, first held in 1954, is a world famous race held at the Circuito da Guia, an urban circuit in the former Portuguese colony of Macau (China).

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Name:Macau Grand Prix 2016 (Nov 17-18)

Address:Macau Guia Circuit


The Macau Grand Prix, first held in 1954, is a world famous race held at the Circuito da Guia, an urban circuit in the former Portuguese colony of Macau (China).
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  • Does any activity for Macao’s motorsport carnival ? 

    10:13 10/10/2016

    Yes , On November 12 and 13 at Tap Seac Square, a promotional event will showcase the Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix, Macau GT Cup and Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix competition vehicles, as well as a number of classic motorcycles, enabling the public to get a close up look at the racing machinery free of charge. The event will also feature a Grand Prix exhibition and souvenir sales booths.


    Customer Service 10:17 11/10/2016
  • I just got the coupon from you,  can i use coupon  to  book it ?

    10:15 12/10/2016

     Yes, you could use the coupon to book it . HK16 OFF for order up to HK 349, HK63 OFF for order up to HK1249.

    Customer Service 10:21 12/10/2016
  • What if  the day is rainy ?  Can i change the date and cancel?

    10:13 11/10/2016

    If the rainy don't affect the match,the ticket could not change or cancel , if it  is rainstorm or typhoon, we will inform you in time , thank you . 

    Customer Service 10:02 12/10/2016
  •  Can i book it now ?

    10:13 15/10/2016

     Yes , you could book and make a reservation now . 

    Customer Service 10:12 16/10/2016
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  • 5/5
    I  had been watched  Macau Grand Prix 2015, it was super stunning. i booked the tickets with my friends arealdy for this year . Lol
    15:25 Oct 13,2016 10
  • 5/5
    My husband is a big fan of Macau Grand Prix , we come here every year. 
    14:38 Oct 13,2016 10
  • 5/5
    Good job , i got the ticket quickly, and the price is lower than office price . 
    14:36 Oct 11,2016 10
  • 5/5
     It is great , the Macau Grand Prix 2016 is on weekend , we can enjoy the buffet after the competition . 
    15:03 Oct 10,2016 10
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