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Grand Harbour Hotel Discount Package (March 13-17)

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Every Room in Grand Harbour Hotel is air conditioned and features a TV. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom fitted with a bath or shower, free WiFi.
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Booking: Choose the check-in date, and remark date & arrival time of attraction or buffet at Additional Requirement.
Tour A
Inclusion: A King Size Room in Grand Harbour Hotel, Macau Tower Admission Ticket for 2
Tour B
Inclusion: A King Size Room in Grand Harbour Hotel, Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Lunch for 2 (Included Macau Tower Admission Ticket)
Tour C
Inclusion: A King Size Room in Grand Harbour Hotel, Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner for 2 (Included Macau Tower Admission Ticket)
Tour D
Inclusion: A King Size Room in Grand Harbour Hotel, Macau Tower 360 Cafe Tea Set for 2 (Included Macau Tower Admission Ticket)
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1. This coupon is available from March 13-17.
2. You cannot check in hotel on Friday & Saturday.
3. Check-in date is available until March 31.





There is a 24-hour front desk at the property. Every Room in Grand Harbour Hotel is air conditioned and features a TV. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom fitted with a bath or shower, free WiFi.

Macau Tower 
Macau Tower Observation Deck, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre, also known as Macau Tower, is a tower located in the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. You will have fun on the Macau Tower Observation Deck.
>> Macau Tower Admission Ticket
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360 Cafe Buffet Menu
>> Lunch     >> Dinner
 Appetizers & Salads Dessert
Daily soup based on rotation
Caldo verde, Portuguese vegetables broth
Home made Portuguese bread (Broa), bread rolls and sliced breads served with butter
Warm roast cauliflower, chickpea and quinoa salad
Potato salad with boiled egg, preserved lemon and garlic
Chicken salad with black grapes, walnuts and celery
Pork salad with mushrooms, snow peas and red onions
Beef and rice noodle salad with ginger soy dressing
Root celery, apple and pineapple salad with walnuts in yogurt dressing
Chicken salad with sugar peas, carrots, and Chinese cabbage
apple, corn kernel and walnut salad with mayonnaise
Orange marinated carrots with pistachio
Mixed rice, celery heart and pea salad
Seaweed and cucumber salad with soy dressing
Romaine lettuce, Tower Mesclun mixed greens and lollo rosa
Thousand Island dressing, Caesar dressing, balsamic vinaigrette and honey mustard dressing
Cucumber stick, cherry tomato, roasted beet root, corn kernel and shredded carrots
Sun-dried tomato, chopped crispy bacon, chopped egg, rosemary mixed nuts and bread croutons
Ice Kacang, shaved ice served with condiments
red beans, sliced almonds, sweet corn, fruit cocktail, grass jelly, cendo cendo
Almond & Coconut Bean Curd with Fruit Salsa
Assorted Fruit Jellies with Orange Syrup
Vanilla milk rice with fruit cocktail
Praline crème brulee
Lemon - blueberry macaroon tart
Baked almond and peach tart
Raspberry cheese cake with peach wine jelly
Walnut brownies with raspberry glazing
Strawberry lamingtons
Chocolate custard puff
Sweetened mango broth with pomelo and sago
Bread and butter pudding
Red fruit flummery with vanilla sauce
Chocolate mousse with cherries
Mango pudding with sago pearls
Serra Dura mousse with coffee biscotti
Assorted cookies
Seasonal Sliced Fruits
Sashimi & Sushi
Fresh salmon and cucumber maki roll
BBQ duck, spring onions and plum sauce maki roll
Mini tuna-wasabi roll
Mini crab stick maki roll
Mini Kappa roll (cucumber roll)
Vegetarian maki Roll
Hot Dishes
Coriander and garlic dusted pork loin with stewed bell peppers
Maple glazed root vegetables stir-fry with sesame seeds
Braised beef with parsley mash
Braised E-fu noodles with ling zhi mushrooms and bamboo shoots
Chicken and vegetable noodles in spiced broth
Lentil, cauliflower and prawn curry
Double boiled duck with chiretta and wolfberry
Braised bean curd in oyster sauce with mixed vegetables
Sautéed beef with lotus seeds and red dates
Mushroom casserole with Chinese cabbage and celery leaf
Roast pork loin stuffed with pistachios and prunes
Balsamic-Honey sauce
BBQ pork bun
Mini glutinous rice dumpling
Vegetarian coriander dumpling
Siew Mai, pork dumpling with crab roe
Chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce and Hoisin sauce
BBQ Pork belly
Poached chicken
Steamed sole fillet with superior soy sauce and scallion
Fish ball, sliced squid and sliced beef shoulder
Fried rice with corn, peas and bbq pork
Crispy spring rolls
Deep-fried prawn dumplings
Fried pork dumplings
Flat rice noodle, egg noodle, rice vermicelli and rice noodle
Chicken congee with sea whelk and plum flower
Condiments : Chopped spring onions and Chinese deep fried dough
Pork broth with pork ball, Tom Yam Kung broth with fish ball, miso broth plain and chicken stock plain
Local lettuce, choi sum, bean sprout, shiitake mushroom, bok choy, and Chinese cabbage
Chopped spring onion, chopped coriander leaf, crispy fried shallot and chili soy dip
360 Cafe Tea Set
>> High Tea 
Le meters of sand, salt water package intestinal German asparagus and crab sandwiches fragrant tomato vinaigrette that fish and water Lam, 
tomato vermicelli salmon and avocado sandwich roll

Pan-fried pork dumplings coconut custard crystal dumplings pork chop package mini mini spring rolls

Portuguese specialty chocolate crisp sugar cookies Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake Tart
Cookie bowls fruit plate

Coffee and tea

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