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Dongdaemun Night Life Recommend: Evening is the best time to experience night life near Dongdaemun. Hidden Track! Bier Halle! Craft Works! Pongdang! Booth! Magie Brewing Co.! Craftworks Taphouse! Oktoberfest! Castle Praha! This article is writing for someone who seeks for relax pub or lounge or club to put aside the burden. They are featured with mooth music, high ceiling, British ambience.
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  1. It is recommended to experience & relax pub & lounge with friends.
  2. If you are to hook up with beauty or handsome guys or enlarge your social circle, it is better to go with best friends and change their ideas if they are not pub preferential.
  3. First-visitors go to pub alone is not recommended even for relax pub.
  4. If you want to make friends or talk with foreigners, Craft Works and Booth Mansion are better choice. Both of them are located at Itaewon where foreigners gather there.
  5. Get to pub & bar at Dongdaemun fast, Hidden Track is easy to access. It's a 10-minute walk south from Anam subway, located just off the roundabout. It is suitable for tight journey of Dongdaemun.
  6. If you are to date with Korean, and not so familiar, date Korean guys online via Meet Korean Singles and practice in relax pub & lounge dongdaemun.
  7. Wearing is important even just for language exchanging or making friends. Light makeup is better than heavy makeup in relax pub & lounge dongdaemun.
  8. If you are to have a date with foreigners or hook up with girls in relax pub dongdaemun, fascinating clothes are great highlight for physical appearance before one night stand.
  9. Drinking some but not too much. Suitable drinking makes you happier and more confident. No drunk! You never know what you will do after drunk. Cocktails or craft beer is okay.
  10. When you are to buy some beer, hot girls are around. You are to hook up with them. The first article we mension works. 
  11. If you are seeing somebody at first glance, staring at he or she. If he or she give a smile. No matter what the fucking topic is, one thing is to be marked, fucking topics are going on until hooking done.
  12. In the next page, we are recommending some popular pubs & bars near Dongdaemun.
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