Hulutrip provides you with Some Small Tips for Christmas Market Japan in 2016. We love going shopping at Christmas Market in Japan 2016, searching for unique crafts, Japan-cute, and some street food. Small tips first, and we will give you bigger travel plan later for Christmas Market in Japan 2016.

Shopping for Unique crafts
Miyabi_collageJapanese traditional handcrafted items, while always in high demand, tend to be difficult to purchase es for Christmas Market in Japan 2016. With the “Traditional Culture Space ‘MIYABI’” gallery, you’ll be able to purchase directly from the artisans themselves, many of whom will be in attendance. In addition to these crafts, traditional stalwarts we all know and love such as kimonos, samurai swords and lacquer hair accessories will also be making an appearance. Ceramic tableware and vintage up-cycled kimonos round out this category, together with figurines, pottery, and a range of lacquer ware for Christmas Market in Japan 2016. 

Japan-cute Shopping
PlushiesNot to be forgotten are the many accoutrements that go with being a fan of Japan. Jewellery to go with your wardrobe, a million or so “kawaii” things, t-shirts with your favourite character for Christmas Market in Japan 2016. All available in a hundred different designs and many more colours! DVDs and CDs of your favorite Japanese movies and bands will also line the tables of many a vendor, as will comic books and recipe books. Wow any recipient with Japanese stationery, which – as we all know – is absolutely amazing and ingenious for Christmas Market in Japan 2016. Rounding out this list are the silly and/or cute character goods and goof items which can be found in any Japanese store dealing in the zeitgeist. 

As for food, we know it’s a terrible thing to have to purchase food and foodstuffs which aren’t for you. Still, food is always a welcome gift and as such, our vendors have stepped up their game. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know all the snacks and candies Japan has to offer for Christmas Market in Japan 2016. With the major companies pumping out dozens of variations of their flagship products on a seasonal basis, you’ll need to be on your toes if you want to know the newest food fads. If you’re quick enough, you might be one of the lucky in  Christmas Market in Japan 2016, few to snap up quirky kimchi miso paste, sweet potato KitKat, or even honey-flavoured pickled ume plums. Tea vendors will also be bringing the latest infusions and loose-leaf specialities for your viewing and purchasing pleasure for Christmas Market in Japan 2016.