This is a notice about receiving paper tickets from HuluTrip.

Rules of ticket delivery
1. After the tickets are delivered, please check the type and the quantity of your ticket when you sign for the delivery. Once the tickets are delivered, any cancellations and refunds will not be accepted. 
2. Everyday, HuluTrip delivers paper tickers to Shenzhen and Zhuhai before 17:00. Orders later than 17:00 will be delivered in the next day. (Delivery Hour might end early during legal holidays)
3. It generally takes 1 day for the express to reach you if the destination is in Pearl River Delta, and it takes about 2-4 days if the destination is in other locations. 
4. Please contact us (4008 652 651) if you need to change it into a urgent order.
5. We can not guarantee a fixed arrival date to you, because the express is uncontrollable.
6. Please don't receive the express if it reaches you later than the using date of the tickets. 
7. The fee will be refunded after we take out the double postage from it.
8. Once you sign for the express delivery, any refund applications will not be accepted.