User name and password not remembered

This article deals with Firefox or Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey not remembering user names and passwords you enter. If Thunderbird does not remember passwords, see Password not remembered - Thunderbird.

If the user name is empty, try double-clicking within the user name field to see if you have a previously entered other user names to choose from.

If Firefox remembers the password only after you enter a user name, see Password only filled after entering user name.
Firefox won't offer to store a new password if you are in a Private Browsing mode session.

One way to enter Private Browsing mode is to select:

Forgot Password? > Enter Mail Address > Check Mail > Chick the Link:"Reset Password".

To leave permanent Private Browsing mode go to

Some websites offer to keep you logged in by clicking a check box on the site. Some websites will also log you in automatically the next time if you do not log out before closing the browser. These are features of the website, and will work whether or not you have saved your username and password with Firefox.